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Haifa 2018

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Haifa (Israel)

19 April 2018

Open House

215 A-4H preserved  
777 AH-64D 113sq  
333 Beech A36 135sq  
501 Beech B200 100sq  
316 C-130E preserved  
983 CH-53Yasur2000 instructional  
F-15A preserved as '021', ex 73-0093
622 F-15A instructional  
301 F-16C instructional  
377 F-16C instructional 110sq mks
‘021’ Kfir C2 preserved ex 821
132 OH-58B FTS  
555 S-70A 123sq  
F-4E-2000 preserved gate as '001', ex 304
... Mystere IVA preserved gate vertical

The rest of the preserved aircraft/museum had completely vanished and a large pile of scrap was noted. Draw your own conclusions ...


Parade 19 April 2018

Technically, this should read ‘parts of the parade’. The first waves with helicopters passed along the runway nicely enough. The fighters however came across straight overhead. The larger aircraft were seen lining up along the coast, heading south to Tel Aviv. Some smaller aircraft seen at Tel Aviv remained out of sight at Haifa. Below is wat could be seen at Haifa, on base or from a place just outside the gate (larger aircraft). Also, the order over Tel Aviv may have been slightly different.

1st group
973 CH-53A Yas'ur 2025 118sq  
063 S-65 Yas'ur 2025 118sq  
2nd group
582, 832 S-70A 123sq  
3rd group
905, 924 AH-64A 190sq  
4th group
4X-BMK/1, 4X-BML/2 AS350B3e Police  
4X-BMM/3 AS350B3e Police  
5th group
4X-AFF/12, 4X-AFT/5 AT-802F 249sq  
4X-AFY/4 AT-802F 249sq  
6th group
430, 440 F-16I 253sq  
478 F-16I 253sq  
7th group
813, 869, 886 F-16I 201sq  
8th group
902, 904, 905 F-35I 140sq  
9th group
050, 069, 612 F-16D 109sq  
10th group
506, 511, 554 F-16C 101sq  
11th group
102, 104, 110 M346I 102sq  
12th group
803, 823, 887 F-16I 107sq  
13th group
703, 711 Beech B200CT 135sq  
14th group
730 Beech B200T 135sq  
990 RC-12D 135sq  
15th group, individual aircraft
8T-CA C-130K LuTSta  
177703 CC-177 429sq  
013 C295M 8.BLTr  
ZH875 Hercules C4 RAF  
Also three Hellenic Air Force F-16s from 340 Mira were in the mix of individual aircraft. Noted serials: 520, 536 and 538      
16th group
295 B707 120sq  
The F-16Is from 107sq (12th group) had joined up with the B707.      
17th group
537 G550 Eitam 122sq  
684 G-V Shavit 122sq  
18th group
662, 665 C-130J-30 103sq  
19th group
4X-EDC B787-9 El Al  

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