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Haifa 2014

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Haifa Air Show
Date: 6 May 2014
113 AH-64D 113sq  
575 S-70A 124sq  
882 AS565MA 193sq  
333 Raytheon A36 135sq  
667 AH-1E GIA  
983 CH-53-2000 GIA  
215 A-4H pres.  
160 AH-1G pres.  
(1110)/(10) AT-6A pres.  
(005)/4X-FNB C-47A pres.  
39 Do27B pres.  
-393 F-15A pres. as “021”  
791 F-16A pres. 144sq mks  
1 F-4E-2000 pres.  
-12 Fokker S-11 pres. as “22”  
821 Kfir C2 pres.  
-65 Ouragon pres. as “68”  
37 Mystere IVA pres.  
056/4X-FAH Noratlas pres.  
-58 PA-18-150 pres.  
-2713 PT-17 pres. as “55”  
-8 SA321 pres.  
647 Tzukit pres.  
12 Vautour IIA pres.  
622 F-15A GIA hangar  
-760 F-16A GIA hangar  
702 F-16A GIA sportsground  
301 F-16C GIA/loan FTC hangar  
-52 Mystere IVA Outer gate silver c/s  
(___) Mystere IVA Inner gate white; vertical  

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