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Baldonnel 1987

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Date: 16 August 1987

Made by: John Dyer, BARG


50+41 		C160D 		WGAF LTG63
77/AK 		Nord 262 	French A/F ET65
81-0952/WR 	A-10A 		USAF 81TFW
G-AMSV 		DC-3 		Air Atlantique
G-AZSC 		Harvard
G-TEAC/EX280	Harvard
G-BDAM/FE992	Harvard
G-OODI 		Pitts S1D
F-GFGZ 		Robin ATL
EI-AYN 		BN-2A 		Aer Arann
EI-BCE 		BN-2A 		Aer Arann
EI-BHO 		Zlin 
EI-BPD 		SD360 		Aer Lingus
N5063N 		Beech D18S
XX500 		Jetstream T1 	6FTS
9x		Hawk T1/T1A	Red Arrows
82-1002/TJ	F-16C 		USAF 401TFW
79-0055/BT	F-15B 		USAF 36TFW
81-0967/WR	A-10A 		USAF 81TFW
196 		Alouette III
213 		Alouette III
216 		CM170
217 		CM170
219 		CM170
220 		CM170
245 		Dauphin 2
234 		King Air 200
240 		King Air 200
238 		HS125/700B
206 		Cessna 172
208 		Cessna 172
243 		Cessna 172
237 		Gazelle
241 		Gazelle
222 		SF260W
226 		SF260W
Flying only:
EI-ASJ 		B747 		Aer Lingus
EI-BNA 		DC-8 		Aer Turas
EI-BSY 		BAC 1-11 	Ryanair
EI-BUY 		B727 		Club Air
G-BKYC 		B737 		British A/W
85-0400/RS 	F-16C 		86TFW
85-0440/RS 	F-16C 		86TFW
85-0454/RS 	F-16C 		86TFW
85-0459/RS 	F-16C 		86TFW

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