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Yelahanka 2005

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Date: 8-13 February 2005

Made by:


50+41			C-160D			LTG62                        
96-5300	                WC-130J	                53rd WRS AFRC
60-0348	                KC-135R	                909th ARS    
87-0183/AK	        F-15E	                90th FS      
89-0506/AK	        F-15E	                90th FS      
161124		        P-3C	                nn           
CU2769	                MiG-21Bison		HAL                  
IP990	                CanberraPR57		106(SPR)sq           
JT069	                Jaguar IT		6sq                  
U2482	                HJT-16 Kiran MkII	TPS          
KB715	                MiG-29			28sq                         
KT211	                Mirage 2000TH		9sq                  
SB036	                Su-30MKI	        30sq                 
X2574	                HPT-32 Deepak	        TPS                  
IN232/DAB	        Do228-201	        INAS310              
HB-JEB		        G100		        TAG                  
N271L	                Lj60		        Bombardier           
N6524V	                Thorp T211	        IndusAviation        
N36579	                Beech B200	        Aerolineas Ejecutivas
VT-ADH	                ATR42-512	        AirDeccan            
VT-COT	                Falcon 2000	        TataSteel            
ZS-PRM	                Raytheon 390	        nn                   

154			MiG-29M2		MiG       
ZJ100	                Hawk 102D	        BAe Warton
-	                Chetan	HAL	        AH345     
IA1102, IA1103	        ALH Dhruv	        201 AA sq 
IA1105, IA1109	        ALH Dhruv	        201 AA sq 
J4042, J4043, J4045	ALH Dhruv	        ASTE      
J4046			ALH Dhruv	        ASTE      
S3466, S3474		HJT-36 Sitara	        HAL       
SB035, SB040		Su-30MKI	        30sq      
U2467, U2469, U2470	HJT-16 Kiran MkII	FTS/Surya Kiran
U2472, U2480, U2507	HJT-16 Kiran MkII	FTS/Surya Kiran
U2510, U2512, U2569	HJT-16 Kiran MkII	FTS/Surya Kiran
Z1828/34, Z1857/31	SA315B/HAL		HAL
IN565			Ka-31			INAS339
IN607 "Simba"		Sea Harrier FRS51	INAS300
IN608 "Cougar"		Sea Harrier FRS51	INAS300
N407SE			Bell 407		Bell
VT-HBL			Hansa 3			NAL

HM668, HM683		Do228-201		FWTF
JS147, JS157, JS158	Jaguar IS	        16sq
JS162, JS182, JS197	Jaguar IS	        16sq
KF115, KF125, KF127	Mirage 2000H	        7sq 
KH2001, KH2002		Tejas LCA	        HAL 
KH2003			Tejas LCA	        HAL 
RK3452			IL-78MKI	        78sq
U720, U775		HJT-16 Kiran Mk1	ASTE
SB024, SB025		Su-30MKI		20sq
IN313			Tu-142M			INAS312

Flying only:
JT074			Jaguar IT		16sq
VT-XSD			Saras			NAL

H1033			BAe748-219(HAL)		nn         
H1177			BAe748-218(HAL)	        AHQCS      
H1519, H1522		BAe748-247(HAL)	        nn (HQ TCF)
H1523, H2180, H2376	BAe748-219(HAL)	        nn         
H2377, H2381		BAe748-219(HAL)	        nn         
HM671, HM673		Do228-201	        FWTF       
HM682, HM688		Do228-201	        FWTF       
K2413			B737-2A8	        AHQCS      
K2666			IL-76MD			44sq     
K2668, K2675, K2689	An-32	                FWTF     
K2691, K2696, K2706	An-32	                FWTF     
K2714, K2717, K2727	An-32	                FWTF     
K2742, K2744, K2752	An-32	                FWTF     
K2757, K2764, K3061	An-32	                FWTF     
K3071, K3074		An-32	                FWTF     
W1759			TS-11	                preserved
Z1414			SA319B/HAL		nn
Z1374, Z1683, Z2161	Mi-8			112HU
Z2163, Z2349, Z2382	Mi-8	                112HU
Z2387, Z2389, Z2391	Mi-8	                112HU
Z2834			Mi-8	                112HU
Z2837			Mi-8	                AHQCS
IN224/DAB		Do228-201		INAS310
IN225/DAB		Do228-201		INAS310
IN704			ALH Dhruv		HAL

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