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Palam 1997

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Date: 7 October 1997

Made by:


JS101		Jaguar S	No Mks
JS199		Jaguar IS	No Mks
K2751/D		An-32		No Mks
K2755/U		An-32		48 Sqn
KB739		MiG-29A		223 Sqn
KB742		MiG-29A		47 Sqn
KF110		Mirage 2000H	1 Sqn
KF111		Mirage 2000H	7 Sqn

Air Force Day Fly-by (8th Oct):
3x  		Mi-17
K2661		Il-76
K2717		An-32
K2764/W		An-32
HM684		Do-228
HM690		Do-228
IP990		Canberra PR.57
A463		Hunter F.56
A465		Hunter F.56
A467		Hunter F.56
A484		Hunter F.56
5x		Jaguar IS
4x		MiG-29
6x		Kiran		Kiran Display Team
3x		Su-30MK		24 Sqn
KT202		Mirage 2000TH	7 Sqn
KT203		Mirage 2000TH	7 Sqn
KF108		Mirage 2000H	7 Sqn
KF117		Mirage 2000H	7 Sqn
SB001		Su-30MK		24 Sqn

Far side:
H1527		HS748		41 Sqn
H1530		HS748		41 Sqn
H2378/Q		HS748		41 Sqn
H1178/F		HS748		AHCS

K2412		Boeing 737	AHCS
K2899		Boeing 707	ARC
VT-DVB		Boeing 707	ARC
K3014  		Il-76

Tow-By parade:
There was a parade of the following aircraft
from the Air Force Museum.
K813 		Wapiti
HU512  		Tiger Moth
1589  		Lysander III
HT291/S		Harvard IIB
AB832  		Hurricane IIB
NH631  		Spitfire LF.VIIIC
HA623  		Tempest II
IX732 		HAL HT-2
IC554  		Ouragan
1A1329  	Mystere IVA
D1205  		Marut
B888  		Su-7
IB799  		Vampire FB.52
E265  		Gnat F.1

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