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New Delhi 1968

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Date: 26 January 1968

Made by:


BZ794 		Alouette III
BZ795 		Alouette III
BZ800 		Alouette III
Z358 		Alouette III
BL730 		An-12
BL735 		An-12
BL737 		An-12
BL739 		An-12
BL741 		An-12
L645 		An-12
L647 		An-12
L648 		An-12
L649 		An-12
L650 		An-12
L919 		An-12
BF596 		Canberra
BF597 		Canberra
BF599 		Canberra
BF600 		Canberra
IF900 		Canberra
IF907 		Canberra
IF911 		Canberra
IF915 		Canberra
IF920 		Canberra
IF923 		Canberra
IF928 		Canberra
IF929 		Canberra
IF930 		Canberra
IF931 		Canberra
IF960 		Canberra
IF965 		Canberra
IF974 		Canberra
IF976 		Canberra
IF980 		Canberra
IF982  		Canberra
E206 		Gnat
E206 		Gnat
E256 		Gnat
13x 		Gnat
A461 		Hunter F56
A463 		Hunter F56
A466 		Hunter F56
A471 		Hunter F56
21x 		Hunter F56
C498 		Mig-21
C499 		Mig-21
C501 		Mig-21
C503 		Mig-21
C505 		Mig-21
C507 		Mig-21
C511 		Mig-21
C514 		Mig-21
C519 		Mig-21
C520 		Mig-21
C523 		Mig-21
C527 		Mig-21
C529 		Mig-21
C531 		Mig-21
C533 		Mig-21
C535 		Mig-21
C592 		Mig-21
C593 		Mig-21
C595 		Mig-21
C597 		Mig-21
C601 		Mig-21
C604 		Mig-21
C612 		Mig-21
C616 		Mig-21
8x 		Mig-21
Z612 		Mi-4
Z613 		Mi-4
Z620 		Mi-4
Z623 		Mi-4
Z624 		Mi-4
Z626 		Mi-4
IA925 		Mystere IVA
IA935 		Mystere IVA
IA938 		Mystere IVA
IA941 		Mystere IVA
IA948 		Mystere IVA
IA1013 		Mystere IVA
IA1023 		Mystere IVA
IA1317 		Mystere IVA
12x 		Mystere IVA
4x		HF-24

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