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Niederrhein-Weeze 2005

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Date: 21/22 May 2005

Made by: Scramble, Gijs ten Velde, Mark de Greeuw, Niederrhein Aviation Society


50+69		C-160D		LTG61                    
70+51	        UH-1D	        LTG61		SAR c/s  
43+32	        Tornado IDS	JBG31            
61+11	        Br1150		MFG3                     
83+02	        SeaLynx Mk88A	MFG3             
86+55	        Bo105P1		HFVAS300	Tiger c/s
L-12	        PC-7		131EMVOsq                
XX838/FZ	Jaguar T4	41sq 
XX222/CI	Hawk T1A	100sq
ZD466/56	Harrier GR7	3sq 
KG101		F-104G		ex Luftwaffe	pres
FX52		F-104G		ex BAF		pres, tail of FX02
G-DHCC		Chipmunk T10	'WG321/G' 	arr 22
G-BWTG	        Chipmunk T10	'WB671/910'           
PH-SOL	        Ce525		Solid Air                     
PH-TEY	        SC01B-160	A.J. Jacobs           
D-EERP	        FwP149D		ex 91+77              
D-EFCH	        PA-46-310P		              
D-EHPI	        PA-28-140                             
D-EORK	        PA-28RT-201			only 21       
D-EZOZ	        EA300L		Frank Versteegh	              
D-GGAB	        PA-34-220T                            
N122WD	        PA-46-350P	                      
N9912H	        Boeing 75N1	Vintage Aircraft      

Flightline (flying):
D-EDUR		SF.260M		'ST26'
G-CBSS		Yak-52		Verhellen 	arr 22
RA-1428K	Yak-52		"22 yellow" 
RA-3326K	Yak-52		arr 22 
RA-3085K	Yak-52		Yakkes Foundation
PH-PSI		P-51D		'474425 / OC-G'
N13FY		AT-6A		"16544" 
N320SQ		TB-25N 		"232511"	
TC-ABS		Pitts S-2B	Acromach

D-FAIR		An-2		Classic Wings 
D-HASA		Bell 206L-3	Rhein Ruhr 	arr 22
D-HMUG		Bo105CB		Rhein Ruhr Hel.

Bezoekers en lijndiensten:
71+74		UH-1D		LTG61		20                
PH-ADE	        CeF172M			        22        
PH-DVT	        TB-10			        22        
PH-EIJ	        Rallye 150ST		        22
PH-KRC	        Ce180K			        22        
PH-SKC	        CeF172N			        22        
D-ECAX	        SF-23A			        22        
D-EKHL	        MS893E			        22        
D-ERHA	        M20			        22        
D-HKLE	        EC120B		Fleuren Elektro	21*       
D-HNWP	        BK117C-1	Polizei NRW	20
N8325W	        PA-28-180			22        
EI-CSD, EI-DAF	B737-8AS	Ryanair	        20
EI-DAG, EI-DAS	B737-8AS	Ryanair	        22
EI-DAW, EI-DCN	B737-8AS	Ryanair	        22
EI-DCB		B737-8AS	Ryanair	        21
EI-DCD, EI-DCF	B737-8AS	Ryanair	        20

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