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Nörvenich 1998

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Date: 4 October 1998

Made by: Harold van Eupen, Mick, Martin Herbert, Brian Rodgers, Paul Magi


4421,4430,4441        Tornado        JBG31 
4459,4466,4509,4510   Tornado        JBG31 
4579                  Tornado        JBG31                   special mks 
4647                  Tornado        JBG32                   special mks 
4408                  Tornado        JBG38                   special mks 
mm7005/6-05           Tornado        154 Grupo, 6 Stormo/AMI 
mm7006/6-16           Tornado        154 Grupo, 6 Stormo/AMI 
mm7019/50-05          Tornado        155 Grupo, 50 Stormo/AMI 
mm54254/4-36          TF104G-M       20 Grupo, 4 Stormo/AMI 
mm54558/4-46          TF104G-M       20 Grupo, 4 Stormo/AMI 
A108/7HQ, A130/7HU    Jaguar A       EC01.007 
E-188                 F-16A          Esk723 
ET-198                F-16B          Esk726 
81-0966/SP            A-10A          81FS/USAFE 
82-0656/SP            A-10A          81FS/USAFE 
J-879                 F-16A          312Sq                   special mks 
AT25                  AlphaJet       1w                      demo mks 
N417FS                F-100F         Tracor FS 
LXN90451              E-3A           NAEWF 
DA+231                F-104G         JBG31/Lw/pres. 
29+25                 MiG-29UB       JG73 
38+57                 F-4F           JG74 
99+11                 G91R           Lw/pres. 
50+96                 C-160D         LTG61 
61+14                 Br1150         MFG3 
71+13, 71+74          UH1D           FBS 
86+81, 88+06          Bo105P         HFR36 
58+41                 Do28D          ex JBG31/Lw 

Flying display/Runway far side: 
70+51                 UH-1D 
71+01                 UH-1D 
71+20                 UH-1D                               yellow doors/SAR mks 
71+59                 UH-1D 
85+02                 CH-53G         HFR35 
29+20                 MiG-29         JG73 
37+84                 F-4F           JG74 
3x                    Tornado        JBG31                see Remarks below 
4x                    Tornado        JBG31                see Remarks below 
1x                    Tornado        JBG31                see Remarks below 
D-HBZA                UH-1D                               orange overall c/s 

The flying displays were flown from Koln. Tornados of JBG31 seen there while departing for display at Norvenich
1st wave: 44+71, 44+77 plus either 44+78 or 44+57 (one of these two did not take-off) 
2nd wave: 43+41, 45+11, 44+07, 43+18, 44+22 of which one spare which did not take-off 
3rd wave: 44+58, 45+82 (one of these was spare and did not take-off) 

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