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Fürstenfeldbruck 1992

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Date: 18 July 1992

Made by: Ben Uffen


188928  		CF18B           	1CAD    
80-0026/BT              F15C                    22FS    
79-0012/BT              F15D                    22FS    
87-0238/RS              F16C                    "512FS" 
86-0049/RS              F16D                    512FS   
AT-27                   Alpha Jet               9Wing   
BD-10                   Mirage 5BD              42sm    
18/12-KF                Mirage F1C              EC3/12  
25/12-KC                Mirage F1C              EC3/12  
256/12-KA               Mirage F1C-200          EC3/12  
36/2-EN 	        Mirage 2000C            EC1/2   
10+23                   A310-304                FBS     
12+03                   CL601                   FBS     
29+11                   MiG29                   WTD61   
35+19                   RF4E                    AG51    
35+35                   RF4E                    AG51 *  
35+38                   RF4E                    AG51 *  
35+75                   RF4E                    AG51 *  
35+78                   RF4E                    AG51 *  
35+86                   RF4E                    AG51    
37+52                   F4F                     JBG35   
37+89                   F4F                     JG72    
40+03                   Alpha Jet               JBG49   
40+05                   Alpha Jet               JBG49   
40+07                   Alpha Jet               JBG49   
40+17                   Alpha Jet               JBG49   
40+25                   Alpha Jet               JBG49   
40+37                   Alpha Jet               JBG49   
40+40                   Alpha Jet               JBG49   
40+49                   Alpha Jet               JBG49   
40+64                   Alpha Jet               JBG49   
40+70                   Alpha Jet               JBG49   
40+76                   Alpha Jet               JBG49   
40+77                   Alpha Jet               JBG49   
40+90                   Alpha Jet               JBG49   
40+96                   Alpha Jet               JBG49   
41+09                   Alpha Jet               JBG49   
41+23                   Alpha Jet               JBG49   
41+25                   Alpha Jet               JBG49   
41+30                   Alpha Jet               JBG49   
41+36                   Alpha Jet               JBG49   
41+37                   Alpha Jet               JBG49   
41+50                   Alpha Jet               JBG49   
41+53                   Alpha Jet               JBG49   
41+55                   Alpha Jet               JBG49   
41+61                   Alpha Jet               JBG49   
41+62                   Alpha Jet               JBG49   
41+68                   Alpha Jet               JBG49   
44+60                   Tornado 	        JBG32   
44+83                   Tornado                 JBG32   
45+03                   Tornado                 JBG33   
45+37                   Tornado                 MFG2    
45+51                   Tornado                 MFG2    
46+21                   Tornado                 MFG2    
46+28                   Tornado ECR             JBG32   
46+31                   Tornado ECR             JBG32   
46+34                   Tornado ECR             JBG32   
46+39                   Tornado ECR             JBG32   
50+96                   C160D                   nn      
51+04                   C160D                   LTG61   
52+06                   An26                    TS24    
58+49                   Do28D                   JBG49   
58+77                   Do28D                   JBG49   
61+05                   Br1151  	        MFG3    
70+85                   UH1D                    LTG61   
70+89                   UH1D                    LTG61   
71+41                   UH1D                    LTG61   
86+45                   Bo105P  	        Heer    
87+41                   Bo105P                  Heer    
87+58                   Bo105P                  Heer    
87+86                   Bo105P                  Heer    
84+55                   CH53G                   Heer    
84+60                   CH53G                   Heer    
92+05                   P149D                   JBG49   
93+55                   Mi8S                    nn      
99+34                   Canberra B2             BGA     
99+45                   G91R                    nb      
53-5621 	        T33A                    Ex WS50 
31+98                   G91R                    Decoy   
34+02                   G91T                    Decoy   
MM54438/61-93           MB339A  	        61°Ab.  
MM54447/61-02           MB339A  	        61°Ab.  
MM6326/60-26            G91T                    60°Ab.  
MM54409/60-109          G91T                    60°Ab.  
LX-N90445               E3A                     NAEWF   
A-514                   SE3160  	        GpLV    
B-45                    Bo105CB 	        GpLV    
J-063                   F16A                    315Sqn  
J-068                   F16B                    313Sqn  
AE.9-003/23-24          SF5B    	        Ala23   
AE.9-007/23-01          SF5B    	        Ala23   
AE.9-028/23-17          SF5B   	 	        Ala23   
AE.9-029/23-18          SF5B    	        Ala23   
XX261                   Hawk T1A                1TWU    
XX315                   Hawk T1A                1TWU    
ZD352/01(5)             Harrier GR5             1Sqn    
ZD434/02                Harrier GR5A            1Sqn    
ZG776/HN                Tornado F3              111Sqn  
XX767/GE                Jaguar GR1A             54Sqn   
XZ394/GN                Jaguar GR1A             54Sqn   

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