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Oulu 1997

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Date: 7/8 June 1997

Made by: Scramble


140101                CP-140       405sq
E-609                 F-16A        no mks (Esk 727)
ET-022                F-16B        Esk 727
DK-213                J35XS        HävLLv 11
HN-464                F-18D        HävLLv 21
HW-356                Hawk T51A    HävLLv 21
LJ-2                  Lj35A        TukiLLv
MG-127                MiG-21bis/T  HävLLv 31
PA-2                  PA-28R-200   HävLLv 11
PC-4                  PA-31-350    HävLLv 31
RG-7                  L-90TP       HävLLv 21
VN-4                  L-70         KoulLLv
3735                  F-4F         JG72
4542, 4543            Tornado      MFG2
5701                  Do228-212    MFG3
6112                  Br1150       MFG3
MM7114/32-15          AMX          13øGr
MM7191/32-01          AMX          13øGr
151                   Mi-2         Latvian AF
J-066                 F-16B        no mks (312sq)
301                   P-3C         MARPAT
659                   F-16A        334 skv
071                   SeaKing Mk43B 330 skv
CR.12-55/12-64        RF-4C        Grupo 12
CR.12-58/12-67        RF-4C        Grupo 12
T.19B-14/35-32        CN235EA02    Ala 35
ZD351/18              Harrier GR7  4sq
ZG530/84              Harrier GR7  4sq
XV241                 Nimrod MR2   201sq (206sq mks)
58-0069               KC-135T      92nd ARW
86-0147/LN            F-15C        493rd FS
91-0306/LN,91-0601/LN F-15E        494th FS
90-0843/SP            F-16D        22nd FS
91-0339/SP "22 FS"    F-16C        22nd FS
OH-MVO                Do228        Frontier Guard
OH-SFJ                Saab 91D     ex SF-24
RA-78776              IL-76MD      224TAP, c/n 83489652

HW-348                Hawk T51     HävLLv 11
ZE165/ZK              Tornado F3   25sq (flying 08)

2601                  L-410UVP-E   61dlt/Czech AF
DK-201                J35XS        HävLLv 11
HH-4, HH-5            H369D        Maavoimat
HN-406                F-18C        HävLLv 31
HS-4                  Mi-8T        Maavoimat
HW-314/U, HW-320/V    Hawk T51     KoulLLv
HW-339/S              Hawk T51     KoulLLv
HW-322/S              Hawk T51     HävLLv 21
HW-352                Hawk T51A    HävLLv 11
MG-138                MiG-21bis    HävLLv 31
VN-7                  L-70         KoulLLv
3729                  F-4F         JG72
4574                  Tornado      MFG2
683                   F-16A        331 skv
43, 44, 46, 48        MiG-29       Russian AF
33, 34                MiG-29UB     Russian AF
84007/847             Tp-84        F7
ZE961                 Tornado F3   no mks (25sq)
N167B "434602/S"      A-26         Scan.Hist.Flight
N167F "473877/B6-S"   P-51         Scan.Hist.Flight
OH-FMM                CM-170R      ex FM-51
OH-HVG                AS332L1      Frontier Guard
OH-HVH                AB412        Frontier Guard

FF-3                  F27-400M     KuljLLv        on 7th
HN-463                F-18D        HävLLv 31      on 6th
PA-11                 PA-28RT      KoeLtue        on 7th
PA-14                 PA-28RT      KoeLtue        on 8th
PC-3                  PA-31-350    HävLLv 21      on 6th
1203                  CL-601       FBS BMVg       on 7th
84005/845             Tp-84        F7             on 6th
OH-ICH                C-47         Veteran        on 8th
SE-DGR                F28-4000     SAS            on 6th
SE-DGS                F28-4000     SAS            on 7th
SE-DSL                B757-236     Sunways        on 6th

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