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Kuopio-Rissala 2007

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Date: 11 August 2007

Made by: Scramble


38+07 		F-4F 		JG71
1403 		An-26 		13.eltr 	arr pm
CC-2 		C295M 		TukiLLv 	arr pm
DK-221 		Saab 35S 	std, rescue training
FF-3 		F27-400M 	TukiLLv 	arr pm
HH-11 		MD500E 		HekoP
HN-418, HN-424 	F-18C 		HävLLv 31
HN-453 		F-18C 		HävLLv 31
HN-465 		F-18D 		HävLLv 31
HS-14 		Mi-8T 		HekoP
HW-306/7 	Hawk Mk51 	HävLLv 41
MG-129 		MiG-21bis/T 	i/a
PC-4 		PA-31-350 	HävLLv 31
RG-8 		L-90TP 		HävLLv 31
VN-22/22 	Vinka 		KoulLLv
OH-BCX 		Beech C90 	Scanwings
OH-BSB 		Beech 300 	Finnish Avn Acad.
OH-CHS 		Ce402B
OH-HCH 		EC135P1 			arr am
OH-HCK 		EC135P2 			arr pm
OH-LCH 		C-53C 		Aero/Finnish Airlines
OH-SFH 		Saab 91D 	ex SF-27
The Finnish Draken (DK-221) was placed upside down and is
being used as a rescue training airframe. The aircraft suffered
some structural damage due to rough handling while being
turned over several times and will be scrapped. Many light
general aviation aircraft could also be found in the static

42 yl 		An-2T 		Estonia AF
83 		MiG-29A 	1.elt 		also on static
ZJ809/BH 	Typhoon T1 	29(R)sq
ZJ923/QO-E 	Typhoon F2 	3sq
HH-4 		H500D 		HekoP
HN-415, HN-441 	F-18C 		HävLLv 31
HN-450 		F-18C 		HävLLv 31
HN-467 		F-18D 		HävLLv 31
HW-310 		Hawk Mk51 	HävLLv 41
VN-29 		Vinka 		KoulLLv
F-GVPA 		CAP231 		Josek
OH-FMM 		CM170 		ex FM-51
OH-HVJ 		Bell 412 	Frontier Guard
OH-MVO 		Do228-212 	Frontier Guard

And the Midnight Hawks of HävLLv 41 with Hawk Mk51s:
HW-328/1 HW-327/2 HW-303/3 HW-336/4

Typhoon ZJ809 was parked in the static display in the
morning, while it did the flying display in the afternoon. ZJ923
acted the other way around: flying in the morning and static in
the afternoon. Hornets HN-415 and HN-441 seemed to fly an
operational sortie.

ZJ811/AZ 	Typhoon T1 	17(R)sq
MG-61 		MiG-21F-13 	pres, civil terminal
MG-119 		MiG-21bis 	pres, gate
RG-1 		L-90TP 		HävLLv 41
N97RS 		Beech 58
OH-ATF 		ATR72-212A 	FinnComm Airlines
OH-LVI 		A319-112 	Finnair
OH-VTP 		L-90TP 		Patria Aviation
The gates opened at 10 o’clock in the morning and the
entrance fee was 15 euros (for one person and his car). The
static display was placed on the taxiway and the old secondary
runway. Although the program showed that the flying display
was limited to the afternoon, part of it was also performed in
the morning. This was probably the rehearsal for the official
display in the afternoon. The weather started okay, but
became worse during the day. The afternoon was pretty dark
with a few drops of rain. Around 16.30 hrs the open day was
ended, but you could still hang around for another hour to take
the last pictures of the day.

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