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Kauhava 2006

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Date: 23 June 2006

Made by: Scramble, Alan Kilham, René Kurzenberg


HN-441/41		F-18C		HävLLv 21        
HW-341/41	        Hawk Mk51	HävLLv 41
MG-118		        MiG-21bis	preserved
RG-1		        L-90TP		KoulLLv          
VN-22/22	        Vinka		KoulLLv          
OH-FMA		        CM170		ex Finland FM-37 

J-008			F-16AM		311sq                   
J-055		        F-16AM		311sq		spec mks        
1602		        An-26		13.eltr                 
77		        MiG-29		1.elt                   
ZH889/889	        Hercules C5	LTW             
81-0956/SP	        OA-10A		81st FS                 
81-0962/SP	        A-10A		81st FS                 
HN-457		        F-18C		HävLLv 21	spec mks
HS-13		        Mi-8T		HekoP                   
HW-351/51, HW-353/53	Hawk Mk51A	HävLLv 41
RG-4			L-90TP		KoulLLv
VN-11/11, VN-29/29	Vinka		KoulLLv
OH-FMM			CM170		ex Finland FM-51
OH-LMY			MD-82		Finnair
OH-XGT			Gauntlet Mk2	ex Finland GT-400

The Red Arrows with the following Hawk T1/T1A($)/T1W(#)s:
XX179#	  XX227$    XX233     XX237     XX242
XX253$    XX260$    XX264$    XX306$    XX308

And the Hawk Mk51s of the Midnight Hawk team/HävLLv 41:
HW-330/30/1	HW-346/46/2	HW-309/09/3
HW-322/22/4	HW-333/33/4	HW-306/06/7

FM-21/K, FM-82/M	CM170		preserved

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