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Kauhava 1999

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Date: 25 June 1999

Made by: Melvin Furster


FM-21   K       CM-170A
FM-82   M       CM-170A

37384   54      JA-37
37813   56      Sk-37
DK-239          J-35S
DK-262          J-35CS
HN-402          F-18C
HS-4            Mi-8T
HW-345  L       Hawk T.51
MG-118          Mig-21bis
RG-6            L-90TP
SF-16           Saab-91D
VN-14           L-70 Vinka
ZG707   B       Tornado GR.4A

OH-MVN          Do-228                  Frontier Guard
37380   50      JA-37
37383   53      JA-37
DK-219          J-35S
HH-7            MD-500E   
HH-8            MD-500E  
HN-404          F-18C
HN-430          F-18C
HS-11           Mi-8T
HW-309  E "3"   Hawk T.51
HW-310  Y "4"   Hawk T.51
HW-322  S "7"   Hawk T.51
HW-330  I "2"   Hawk T.51
HW-336  W       Hawk T.51
HW-339  J "1"   Hawk T.51
HW-343  N       Hawk T.51
HW-344  K       Hawk T.51
PA-4            Pa-28R-200
RG-1            L-90TP
VN-6            L-70 Vinka 
VN-7            L-70 Vinka 
VN-11           L-70 Vinka 
VN-18           L-70 Vinka 
VN-19           L-70 Vinka 
VN-20           L-70 Vinka 
VN-28           L-70 Vinka 
VN-29           L-70 Vinka 
VN-30           L-70 Vinka 

Maintenance Hangar:
HW-315  N       Hawk T.51
HW-326  H       Hawk T.51
HW-329  G "1"   Hawk T.51
HW-341  T       Hawk T.51
HW-347  C       Hawk T.51
VN-2            L-70 Vinka 
VN-3            L-70 Vinka 
VN-5            L-70 Vinka 
VN-9            L-70 Vinka 
VN-12           L-70 Vinka 
VN-15           L-70 Vinka 
VN-16           L-70 Vinka 
VN-17           L-70 Vinka 
VN-21           L-70 Vinka 
VN-22           L-70 Vinka 
VN-25           L-70 Vinka 
VN-26           L-70 Vinka 

Civil platform:
SF-2            Saab-91D

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