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Matsapha 1997

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Date: 30 August 1997

Made by:


3D-DAC                IAI201       Swaziland DF
3D-JAV                PA-28-C-140  Swaziland DF
EL-RDL                An-12        Air Cess

1415/AF-615           B707-328C    60sq/SAAF
8021                  C-212        86MEFS/SAAF
229                   Mirage F1AZ  1sq/SAAF
3x                    Mirage F1AZ  1sq/SAAF
66-0198               C-141B       62nd AW
3D-ALN                F28          RSA
3D-HUN                Hunter F58   "J-4059"
3D-NVC                L-410        Sabin Air
RA-27113              Mi-8MTV-1    Heyns Heli.
ZS-WLL                AT-16

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