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Vandel 2001

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Date: 30 June 2001

Made by: Scramble, Simon Brooke


H46		A109HA		17BnHATk 
7152		UH-1D	        nn       
7283, 7333	UH-1D	        HFR6     
8722, 8730	Bo105P1	        HFR16    
HH-4		H500D	        HekoLtue 
HH-8	        MD500E	        HekoLtue 
HS-13	        Mi-8T	        HekoLtue 
94-0153	        OH-58D(I)	1/4th CAV
09203, 09216	Hkp9A		4.Hkpbat
AR-115		RF35	        stored  
E-024		F-16A	        nn      
H-201, H-203	H500M	        OBSHLKmp
P-090, P-275	AS550C2	        PVHKmp  
P-319, P-339	AS550C2	        PVHKmp  
R-846		CF-104	        stored            
S-170	        S Lynx Mk90B	Søv Fl            
T-418	        T-17		Esk 721                   
U-278	        S-61A-1	        Esk 722           
D-HVBA	        EC135T1	        BGS               
OO-SPG	        L-18C	        nn                
OY-ALD	        Chipmunk T20	ex RDAF P-147     
OY-AOL	        SAI KZ-X	nn                
OY-AVH	        SAI KZ-VII	ex RDAF O-621     
OY-AZR	        PA-18-95	ex RDAF Y-652     
OY-BPB	        C-47A		ex RDAF K-682             
OY-DIZ	        SAI KZ-IV	Dansk Veteranflys.
OY-DRR	        SAI KZ-VIII	private           
OY-DZA	        SAI KZ-III U-3	nn                
OY-ECH	        DH82A		private                   
OY-FAK	        SAI KZ-II	ex RDAF 11-107    
OY-HEP	        MD520N		Heli Flt Denmark          
OY-IIB	        Harvard IIb	ex RDAF 31-309    

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