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Vaernes 1996

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Date: 16 June 1996

Made by: Scramble


165             Bell 412SP         720 Skv 
909             F-5B               336 Skv 
692             F-16B              334 Skv no mks 
815/LN-TFP      MFI15-200A         SAS Flight Acc. 
0836            MFI15-200A         LFS (720 Skv mks) 
LX-N90447       E-3A               NAEWF 
37439/01        JA37               F4 
60100/100       Sk60A              F5 
WT509/BR        Canberra PR7       39sq 
ZA588           Tornado GR1        no mks 
ZE257/HN        Tornado F3         111sq 
XR523/M         Wessex HC2         60sq 
82-0654/SP      A-10A              81st FS 
84-0109         C-21A              76th AS 
59-1482/D       KC-135R            351st ARS 
91-0301/LN      F-15E              492nd FS 

Hangar 3: 
817             MFI15-200A         LFS 
0838            MFI15-200A         LFS 
0839            MFI15-200A         LFS 
844             MFI15-200A         LFS 
845             MFI15-200A         LFS 
846             MFI15-200A         LFS 

275             F-16A              332 Skv 
806             MFI15-200A         LFS 
809             MFI15-200A         LFS 
069             Sea King Mk43      330 Skv 
37323/23        JA37               F4 
37357/57        JA37               F4 
84-0187         KC-10A             60th AMW 

77/65-XD        TBM-700            ETEC00.065 
810/LN-TFO      MFI-200A           SAS Flight Acc. 
955             C-130H             335 Skv 
3296            P-3N               333 Skv 

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