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Skrydstrup 1996

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Date: 16 June 1996

Made by: Scramble

Updated: 30 November 2003

A-004             F-35                 BDRT 
B-680             C-130H               Esk721 
E-193             F-16A                Esk727 
E-016             F-16A                Esk726 (in shelter) 
E-192             F-16A                no mks (in shelter) 
E-597             F-16A                Esk730 
F-313             G.1159A              Esk721 
H-205             H500M                Haer Fl 
P-254             AS550C-2             Haer Fl 
S-249             Lynx Mk90            Sov Fl 
T-426             T-17                 FLSK 
RT-662            TF-104               wfu 
ET-615            F-16B                no mks 
U-279             S-61A-1              Esk722 
3851              F-4F                 JG73 
4394              Tornado              JBG38 
4379/G-76         Tornado              TTTE/A-Flt 
LX-N90442         E-3A                 NAEWF 
164               Bell 412             720 Skv 
C.15-42/15-29     EF-18A               Grupo 15 
37349/49          JA37                 F17 
101003/013        Tp101                F17 
XX222/TJ          Hawk T1A             74(R)sq 
ZB604/722         Harrier T4N          899sq 
XX723/GQ          Jaguar GR1A          54sq 
ZE764/DH          Tornado F3           11sq 
XV725/C           Wessex HC2           72sq 
XS674/R           Wessex HC2           60sq 
71-0881           C-9A                 75th AAC 
57-1486/D         KC-135R              351st ARS 
80-0012/SP        F-15C                53rd FS 
91-0303/LN        F-15E                492nd FS 
90-0829/SP        F-16C                22nd FS '22FS' 
157326/22         EP-3E                VQ-2 
164229/AG-407     F/A-18C              VFA-131 
155653/AG-501     A-6E                 VA-34 
163217/AG-110     F-14B                VF-143 

ST22              SF260M               5sm/The Swallows 
ST35              SF260M               5sm/The Swallows 
B-678             C-130H               Esk721 
E-174             F-16A                Esk727 
E-187             F-16A                Esk727 
E-600             F-16A                Esk727 
E-609             F-16A                Esk727 
E-611             F-16A                Esk727 
E-178             F-16A                Esk730 
E-191             F-16A                Esk727 
E-605             F-16A                Esk730 
E-596             F-16A                Esk723 
E-181             F-16A                Esk727 
E-199             F-16A                Esk726 
ET-205            F-16B                Esk730 
ET-206            F-16B                Esk730 
ET-615		  F-16B		       Esk727
H-201             H500M                Haer Fl 
T-404             T-17                 FLSK 
T-407             T-17                 FLSK 
T-409             T-17                 FLSK 
T-414             T-17                 FLSK 
U-240             S-61A-1              Esk722 
3742              F-4F                 JG73 
8970              Sea King Mk41        MFG5 
L-07              PC-7                 EMVO 
1603              An-26                13 PLT/Polish AF 
35520/14          J35J                 F10 
37412/12          JA37                 F17 
37413/13          JA37                 F17 
T-783             Da50                 Swiss AF 
XX752/EQ          Jaguar GR1A          6sq 
ZD580/710         Sea Harrier F/A2     899sq 
ZE255/FR          Tornado F3           25sq 
OY-SKA            TF-35                Scandinavian Historic Flight 

Team 60: 
Sk60 60033/1, 60096/2, 60061/3, 60125/4, 60098/5, 60139/6 

Patrouille Suisse: 
F-5E J-3081, J-3083, J-3084, J-3085, J-3087, J-3090 

Team Iskra: 
TS-11 coded 1,2,3,4,7,8,9,10 

Frecce Tricolori: 
MB339PAN coded 0,1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10 

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