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Skrydstrup 1983

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Date: 29 May 1983

Made by: Hazel Tyrell


C-47             K-682         ESK-721/1 LF
F-84G            A-603/110603  ESK-730/TRESK         
F-84G            A-803         ESK-730
F-86D            F-028         ESK-728
F-86D            F-421         ESK-728
TF-100F          GT-870        ESK-730
TF-100F          GT-906        ESK-727
TF-100F          GT-908        ESK-730
HARVARD T6       31-309        ESK-722          
HUNTER F51       E-401         ESK-724
METOER F4        43-469        ESK-724/FLSK JK
SPITFIRE HF      41-401        PR FLT/2 LF

A-10A            81-0981/WR    81 TFW  `81 TFW`      
A-35XD           A-009         ESK-725
ATLANTIC         61+20         MFG-3
ALPHA JET        40+21         JBG-41
BUCCANEER S2     XX893/H       15 SQN
C-130H           B-679         ESK-721
RF-4C            69-0364/AR    10 TRW
RF-4E            35+68         AKG-51
NF-5B            K-4009        314 SQN
F-15C            79-0062/BT    36 TFW
F-16A            E-179         ESK-730
CF-104D          RT-662        ESK-723
CF-104G          104899        1 CAG
F-104G           R-349         ESK-723
F-104G           24+95         JBG-32
F-111E           67-0120/UH    20 TFW  `20 TFW`
GULFSTREAM III   F-313         ESK-721
CH-47C           71-20950      205 AVCO
H-369M           H-246         Army
JAGUAR GR1       XZ382/AE      14 SQN
JAGUAR T2        XX843/33      2 SQN
MB-339A          MM54482/13    Frecce T
MIRAGE F1C       265/5-NB      EC1/5
MIRAGE VBA       BA-45         1 SQN
S-61A            U-279         ESK-722
SUPPORTER        T-402         Skryd Stn Flt
T-33A            DT-905        Karup Stn Flt

MB-339A		 MM54473/2     Frecce Tricolori
MB-339A		 MM54474/6     Frecce Tricolori
MB-339A		 MM54476/1     Frecce Tricolori
MB-339A		 MM54477/8     Frecce Tricolori
MB-339A		 MM54481/7     Frecce Tricolori
MB-339A		        /3     Frecce Tricolori
MB-339A		        /4     Frecce Tricolori
MB-339A		        /9     Frecce Tricolori
MB-339A		        /10    Frecce Tricolori
MB-339A		        /11    Frecce Tricolori
A-10A            81-0964/WR    81 TFW          
ALPHA JET        41+72         JBG-41
BUCCANEER S2     XX895/B       15 SQN   
BUCCANEER S2     XX899/A       15 SQN
BUCCANEER S2     XV361/E       15 SQN
E-3A             LX-N90446     NAEWF
RF-4C            71-0249/ZR    26 TRW 
NF-5A            K-3021        314 SQN
F-15C            79-0025/BT    36 TFW
F-104G           26+13         JBG-32
CF-104G          R-896         ESK-723 
F-111E           68-0023/UH    20 TFW 
G222             MM62130/46-31 46 Ba
G222             MM62131/46-92 46 Ba
HERCULES C1P     XV191         LTW
HUNTER T1        WV318         Laarbruch Stn Flt
LYNX             5191          SVF
S-61A            U-280         ESK-722
TORNADO          43+80         MFG-1

Flying only:
CF-104G          R-758         ESK-723
CF-104G          R-832         ESK-723
CF-104G          R-???         ESK-726
CF-104G          R-???         ESK-726
F-104G           R-700         ESK-726
S-35XD           AR-104        ESK-729
S-35XD           AR-105        ESK-729
S-35XD           AR-107        ESK-729
S-35XD           AR-112        ESK-729

F-86D            114087/S-EV   ESK-728            
F-86G            F-946         ESK-730

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