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Skrydstrup 1980

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Date: 10 August 1980

Made by: Martin Herbert, Willy Metze, Robert Hobbelman, Graham Tanner, Marcel van Beek, Jan

Updated: 30 March 1999

XW764/AC              Harrier GR3             3sq RAF 
XL616                 Hunter T7               Laarbr.SF RAF 
XX959/CJ              Jaguar GR1              20sq RAF 
XV434/V               Phantom FGR2            92sq RAF 
K-686                 C47A                    Esk721 RDAF 
ET-205                F16B                    RDAF 
A-803                 F84G                    preserv. RDAF 
F-028                 F86D                    preserv. RDAF 
G-765, G-782          F100D                   RDAF 
R-756                 F104G                   Esk723 RDAF 
E-401                 Hunter F51              preserv. RDAF 
AR-104                S35XD                   Esk729 RDAF 
U-275                 S61A                    Esk722 RDAF 
41-401                Spitfire Mk9c           preserv. RDAF 
T-425                 T17                     RDAF 
DT-905                T33A                    preserv. RDAF 
H-206, H-213          H500M                   Haer Fl 
K-4023                NF5B                    316sq RNLAF 
244                   F5B                     336Skv RNoAF 
78-0604/WR            A10A                    81TFW USAF 
75-0049/BT            F15A                    36TFW USAF 
70-2419/LN            F111F                   48TFW USAF 
68-3790               OV10A                   601TCW/20TASS USAF 
40+26                 Alpha Jet A             JBG49 WGAF 
32+27                 G91R/3                  LEKG41 WGAF 
35+18                 RF4E                    AKG52 WGAF 
61+20                 Br1150                  MFG3 WGN 

XV792/AN              Harrier GR3             3sq RAF 
XV460/W               Phantom FGR2            92sq RAF 
E-176, E-177          F16A                    RDAF 
G-771/G, G-748/JB     F100D                   RDAF 
G-751, G-779/M        F100D                   RDAF 
R-345, R-699          F104G                   RDAF 
GT-971, GT-996        TF100F                  RDAF 
GT-908                TF100F                  RDAF 
A-002, A-006, A-007   A35XD                   Esk725 RDAF 
A-008                 A35XD                   Esk725 RDAF 
AR-113                S35XD                   Esk729 RDAF 
T-421, T-423, T-426   T17                     RDAF 
T-432                 T17                     RDAF 
J-226                 F16A                    322sq RNLAF 
134                   F5A                     336Skv RNoAF 
275                   F16A                    RNoAF 
60078, 60096          Sk60E                   F5 RSwedAF 
60098, 60102          Sk60E                   F5 RSwedAF 
60106, 60112          Sk60E                   F5 RSwedAF 
60118, 60140          Sk60E                   F5 RSwedAF 
60150                 Sk60E                   F5 RSwedAF 
77-0272/WR            A10A                    81TFW USAF 
78-0593/WR            A10A                    81TFW USAF 
78-0603/WR            A10A                    81TFW USAF 
76-0022/BT            F15A                    36TFW USAF 
76-0044/BT            F15A                    36TFW USAF 
75-0088/BT            F15B                    36TFW USAF 
78-0039/HL            F16A                    388TFW USAF 
78-0099/HL            F16A                    388TFW USAF 

K-683                 C47A                    Esk721 RDAF 
469                   Meteor F4               preserv. RDAF 
SKP                   T33A                    gate guard RDAF 
H-245                 H500M                   RDAr 

E-174                 F16A                    RDAF 

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