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Skrydstrup 1975

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Date: 14 September 1975

Made by:


A-603  			F-84G  		G/Guard

AR-107    		RF-35     	Esk 729       
GT-870                  TF-100F                 
F-016                   F-86D                   
G-303                   F-100D                  
K-685                   C-47A     	Esk 721       
H-209                   H.369M                  
U-279                   S.61A                   
GT-558                  F-100F 		(landed)
O-616                   KZ VII                  
P-128                   Chipmunk T.20           
67-119/UH bl            F-111E    	20 TFW  
72-21622                UH-1H                   
68-15856                CH-47C    	180 AC        
135                     F-5B      	R.No.A.F.     
631                     F-104G                  
483/13-PL               M.IIIE    	2/13 Esc
3297                    G.91R     	WS 50         
6120                    Atlantic  	MFG 3         
104807                  CF-104    	441 Sq        
K-3016                  NF-5A                   

K-682    		C-47A      	Esk 721  
104813                  CF-104     	441 Sq   
375                     F-5A       	R.No.A.F.
759                     CF-104              
BA-15                   Mirage VBA          
BD-07                   Mirage VBD          
K-10                    C-47B      	OT-CWE   
XX843/W,XX837/Z  	Jaguar T.2  	226 OCU
68-15846 		CH-47C     	180 AC
68-15630 		UH-1H       	71 AC
37050/50,37059/59	AJ.37		F7
37064/64,37067/67	AJ.37		F7
61034/34		Sk-61A  	F5
84002/72		C-130H		F7
And also the Patrouille de France and Red Arrows.

Hangar by Flt Line:
DT-728   		T-33A

A-803,362,718,181  	F-84G
A-138 			F-84G		(burnt)
110487/SE-V  		F-84G  		Dump

Esk 730 Area - dispersal:
56/312-BK      		N.2501F     	GI 312
..6/13-PQ +1   		M.IIIE      	2/13 Esc
GT-971,961,916,856 	TF-100F
G-773,769,775 		F-100D

Esk 730 Area - Hangar:
481/13-PN     		M.IIIE      	2/13 Esc
G-779,781 		F-100D

Esk 727 Area - By shelters:
F-028  +1		F-86D
GT-982 			F-100F

Esk 727 Area - outside Hangar:
G-262 			F-100D

Esk 727 Area - Hangar:
G-290,748 		F-100D
GT-019 			F-100F

Esk 727 Area - dispersal:
G-261,744,270,768	F-100D
G-751,765,283  		F-100D

Displayed outside Sqdn office:
43-469  		Meteor F.4

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