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Karup 2014

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Karup Air show
Date: 21-22 June 2014
6078 L-159T1  
40ye An-2T Estonian AF  
63ye R44-I Estonian AF  
86+19 Bo105P1M HFWAS  
42 JAS39D 59 MH 59. Sz.D. REB  
MM7325/4-42 EF2000 XX Gruppo  
53 Falcon 20ECM FEKS/717 skv  
16 C295M 13.eltr  
XX200/CO, XX321/CI Hawk T1A 100sq  
ZJ805/BD Typhoon T3 29sq  
ZJ935/DJ Typhoon FGR4 11sq 1B00346
346 Lim-2 ex Polish AF  
71386 An-26 138tae  
39836 JAS39D nb  
AR-109, AR-113 RF35 wfu  
AT-158/OY-SKA TF35 wfu  
B-538 C-130J-30 Esk 721  
C-168 CL-604 Esk 721  
E-011 F-16AM nb  
E-176 F-16AM travelling exhibit $
E-191 F-16AM Esk 730  
FS-978 F-84G dismantled on truck  
H-206 H369HM traveling exhibit  
M-513, M-516 EH101 Mk512 Esk 722  
P-287, P-319 AS550C2 Esk 724  
S-142 SuperLynx Mk90BEsk 723    
T-405, T-415 T-17 FLSK  
N974VV DC-10-40 Omega Tanker  
OY-HOL EC135P2+ Nordic Air Ambulance A/S  
OY-HJF EC120B Uni-Fly  
OY-HJR EC135T2+ Uni-Fly  
10 L-39C Estonian AF  
87+28 Bo105P1M KHR26  
LY-BIG An-2    
OY-FGA CM170 ex France 230 394952
OY-LSD/09 L-29    
SF260M+ of CC Air/Red Devils:
ST03, ST15, ST23, ST27, ST31
TS11 of Team Iskra:
2011/1, 2008/2, 1708/4, 2006/6, 2004/8, 1715/9
Hawk T1/A*/W^ of the Red Arrows
XX177, XX219*, XX242, XX244, XX278*
XX310^, XX311, XX322, XX319*
Flying from Flyveskolen:
T-413, T-421, T423 T-17 Baby Blue  
T-426, T-427 T-17 Baby Blue  
OY-BPB/K-682 C-47A Danish Dakota Friends  
Flying from other side:
CM02 Falcon 20E-5 21sm  
6054 L-159A  
2601 L-410UVP-E 242.tsl  
HN-437, HN-448 F-18C HävLLv 31  
31+01 EF2000 TLG31  
20 C295M 13.el  
39210, 39255 JAS39C nb  
84-0126 C-21A 76th AS  
168889/AD-262 F/A-18F Boeing for VFA-106  
168890 F/A-18F Boeing, for VFA-106  
B-537 C-130J-30 Esk 721  
E-606 F-16AM Esk 730  
M-507, M-515 EH101 Mk512 Esk 722  
M-517, M-519 EH101 Mk512 Esk 722  
P-254, P-275, P-288 AS550C2 Esk 724  
P-320, P-339 AS550C2 Esk 724  
S-256 SuperLynx Mk90BEsk 723    
Flying only:
ZH102 Sentry AEW1 18/23/54(R)sq  
9x F-16AM/BM *Diamond formation and base attack:
E-016, E-107, E-189, E-190, E-194, E-596, E-608, ET-198*, ET-207*
All the aircraft and the spare E-008 were read at Skrydstrup (spare was not visible at Karup, they all took off from Skrydstrup).
44-491 Meteor F8 compound near west gate  
A-014 F-35 preserved west gate  
AR-112 RF-35 preserved main gate  
DT-905 T-33A compound near west gate  

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