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Karup 1975

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Date: 14 September 1975

Made by:


C-865 			RF-84F 		G/Guard

K-682   		C-47A                        
K-688                   C-47A                        
H-209                   H.369M                       
P-147                   Chipmunk T.20                
GT-558                  F-100F          Esk 727    
DT-490                  T-33A                        
44-491                  Meteor F.8                   
A-001                   F-35            Esk 725    
A-477/KP-A              F-84G                    
AR-115                  RF-35           Esk 729    
C-581                   RF-84F                       
6114                    Atlantic        MFG 3      
3088                    G.91R           WS 50      
3824                    F-4F            JG 74      
374                     F-5A            R.No.A.F.  
801                     CF-104          R.No.A.F.
K-3030                  NF-5A           316 Sq     
XX843/W                 Jaguar T.2      226 OCU
68-490/RS r             F-4E            86 TFW
BD-07                   Mirage VBD                   

Outside hangar:
63826   		F-100F          GA-ANG
63844   		F-100F
63842   		F-100F          AZ-ANG

63892 +2  		F-100F
G-266,183   		F-100D

AR-106,104,105 		RF-35  		Esk 729
A-014,018 		F-35        	Esk 725
AT-151    		TF-35

Small Hangar:
G-274   		F-100D

AR-114,118  +1 		RF-35  		Esk 729

Shed behind static:
A-015  			F-35  		w/o

AR-109,102,113  	RF-35
AT-153			TF-35		Esk 729

Hangar by dispersal:
AR-116,112,106 +1	RF-35

Far Side:
A-007,008,016  		F-35
AR-116			RF-35
C-253,248,281,324,473	RF-84F
C-274,649,651,670  	RF-84F
F-985,303,018,500,953	F-86D
XV217,191 		Hercules C.1
37050/50,37059/59	AJ.37		F7
37064/64,37067/67	AJ.37		F7

A-002,006,010,019  	F-35  		Esk 725

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