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Aalborg 2012

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Aalborg Danish Air Show 2012
Date: 10 June 2012
40 An-2T Estonia AF  
C-080 CL-604 Esk 721  
E-194 F-16AM nn
M-514, M-519 EH101 Mk512 Esk 722  
P-276, P-319 AS550C2 Esk 724 £
S-134 Lynx Mk90B Esk 723 £
T-410 T-17 Karup SF  
086/YI EMB121AA EAT00.319  
30+62 EF2000 JG73  
3299 P-3C 333 skv  
71386 An-26 138.mthe/SerbiaAF  
39824/824 JAS39D nm  
T-339 AS532UL nb £
XX158/158 Hawk T1A 208sq marks  
ZG729/127 Tornado GR4A 12sq  
84-0111 C-21A 76th AS  
66-0220 MC-130P 67th SOS  
87-0024 MC-130H 7th SOS  
163290 P-3C VP-30  
OY-AZR L-18C (ex Y-652)  
OY-ECV L-4A ex 42-15272/B6-4  
Those marked with an * also flew. F-16AM E-194 arrived in the morning and was later placed in the static.
Static Tent:
(J-49) Fokker D.XXI frame  
In this tent were also a Berg & Storm monoplane, OV Flyvebad (marked Maagen 3), Nielsen & Winther A and Type AA.
Static Hangars:
B-537 C-130J-30 Esk 721  
E-603 F-16AM Esk 730  
ET-199 F-16BM nb  
M-520 EH101 Mk512 Esk 722  
T-425 T-17 nb  
ZJ703 Griffin HAR2 60sq  
G-BWGL Hunter T8 as N-321, ex XF357 £
Also here was the cockpit of a purpose build instruction Draken.
FA121 F-16AM 2w £
FA126 F-16AM 2w  
AR-113 RF-35 preserved  
H-206 H369HM preserved  
M-070 Alouette 3 preserved  
R-825 CF-104 preserved  
(51-9792)/KP-K F-84G stored  
-14 SBLim-2 stored  
10 L-39C Estonian AF 934669 £
30+45 EF2000 JG73  
30+82 EF2000 nb  
11 C295M 13.el  
15 MiG-29UB 1.elt  
56 MiG-29A 1.elt  
LX-N90451 E-3A NAEW&CF  
J-008, J-866 F-16AM 313sq  
J-015 F-16AM 313sq
39281/281 JAS39C F17  
39284/284 JAS39C F17 £
1-5-5139 C-17A 729th AS AFRC  
62-3565 KC-135R 351st ARS  
D-HDPP BK117C2 DRF 9055
LY-BIG An-2T (ex 48 red) 1G236-23
LY-XCB Mi-2 silver/blue c/s 549035015
OY-ATM KZ VII ex O-619  
OY-ATR Chipmunk T10 ex P-140  
OY-AVF Chipmunk T10 (ex P-139)  
OY-BPB C-47A ex K-682  
OY-CCJ Lj35A North Flying  
OY-FGA CM170 private 230
OY-JPJ Ce650 North Flying  
OY-HOL EC135P2+ Laege 736
OY-LSD L-29 as 09 red 394952 £
SE-BIR Spitfire Mk XVI ex RW386/NG-D  
SE-FUD Sk16A ex 16068/68  
SE-FVU Sk16A ex 16073/73  
SE-KDC Yak-52 private 801002
N650AG H369HM ex H-203  
PC-9/M of the ETZ, Croatian Wings of Storm:
055, 057, 059, 062, 066, 067, 069
F-5E of the Patrouille Swiss:
J-3081, J-3083, J-3085, J-3082, J-3088, J-3090, J-3091
NF-5A/B of the Turkish Stars:
3023/6, 3046/5, 3048/8, 3052/6, 3058/2, 3072/7, 4001/4*, 4020/1*
This section was a mix of static and flying aircraft. A number of them were towed through the public area onto the flight line part.
Base Flight hangar:
T-409 T-17 nn  
Dump (far side of runway);
S-175 Lynx Mk80 instr  
35420/49 J35F instr  
Shelter area (west side):
C-168 CL-604 Esk 721 £
E-602 F-16AM nn £
E-605 F-16AM nn morning demo £
10x Alpha Jet PdFrance  
R207/64-GG C-160NG ET00.064  
Shelter area (west side):
B-536 C-130J-30 Esk 721 £
M-513, M-517 EH101 Mk512 Esk 722 £
727 An-32B CroatiaAF  
69-035 C-160D 221filo  
ZK450/J Beech B200 45sq £
Flying only:
T-413, T-421 T-17 Baby Blue  
T-427, T-428 T-17 Baby Blue  
E-004, E-005, E-007 F-16AM nn  
E-011, E-070, E-074 F-16AM nn  
E-075, E-107, E-596 F-16AM nn  
E-598, E-604, E-607 F-16AM nn  
ET-022, ET-613 F-16BM nn  
The morning 16-ship fly past was cancelled due to the low cloud base, instead the aircraft made fly bys/base attacks in pairs of two. At the end two landed (E-194 and E-602) of which the E-194 was towed to the static. In the afternoon a fourship of F-16s displayed of which only E-601 was identified.
R-771 CF-104 preserved, on pole, at gate  
RT-657 CF-104D pres, on pole, near terminal  
The organisation of this year’s Danish Air Show had managed to bring a great collection of aircraft to Aalborg. Aircraft from countries like Croatia, Serbia and Estonia are not a common sight. However, the weather did spoil the day. The cloud base was very low and there were a lot of showers. Although there was flying all day, it was restricted and not as planned. Some, like the Patrouille de France and Turkish Stars, did not fly at all, while others did a limited display.
$special colours
£ also flying


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