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Zagreb-Jarun 1997

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Date: 30 May 1997

Made by: Scramble, Vedran Marsanic

Updated: 1 August 2002

H-151                 Mi-8
H-304                 Mi-24
125                   MiG-21bis

601, 602, 603         AB206B3
H-202, H-211, H-213   Mi-8         (formation)
H-214 (+4)            Mi-8         (formation)
H-254 (+1)            Mi-8
H-303 (+4)            Mi-24        (formation)
H-305 (+2)            Mi-24        (attacking)
056 (+5)              PC-9M
9A-BOF                An-2
...		      MiG-21 	   (solo)
12x		      MiG-21	   (formation fly-by)

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