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Varazdin 2006

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Date: 10/11 June 2006

Made by: Scramble, Malcolm, Stephan Felgeirolles, Robert Erenstein


H3-71			AS532AL		15BRVL
L6-03			PC-6/B2-H4	15BRVL
H-275			Mi-8T		CroatianAF
056, 058, 060		PC-9M		ETZ/Team Krila
062, 063, 065		PC-9M		ETZ/Team Krila
S5-DCN			UTVA-75		SlovenianAF
S5-DGF			Z242L		15BRVL
S5-DGH			Z143L		15BRVL
S5-MBB			UTVA Aero-3	ex Yugosl.AF 	40199
9A-BTC			L-410UVP-E	nn		11th
9A-HDB			Bell 206B	CroatianPolice	11th
9A-HKA			EC145		HIKO
Plus many light aircraft of various nationalities.

Flying only:
26			MiG-29UB	59.HRE
L9-66			PC-9M		15BRVL
165			MiG-21UM	CroatianAF	spec mks

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