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Santa Cruz 2016

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Santa Cruz-El Trompillo (Bolivia)

Aniversario 93 Fuerza AĆ©rea Boliviana

16 November 2016

FAB-783 + 3 AS332C1e GA51  
FAB-65 + 1 C-130B GAT71  
FAB-81 C-130H TAB  
FAB-606 T-33AN GAC31 GAE21 badge
FAB-612 T-33AN   grey colours
FAB-639 T-33A-F GAC31 GAE21 badge
FAB-660 K-8VB GAC34  
FAB-661 K-8VB GAC34  
FAB-662 K-8VB GAC34  
FAB-663 K-8VB GAC34  
FAB-664 K-8VB GAC34  
FAB-665 K-8VB GAC34  
FAB-502 Neiva 621 GAE21  
FAB-504 Neiva 621 GAE21  
FAB-506 Neiva 621 GAE21  
FAB-453 PC-7 GAC33 grey colours
FAB-470 PC-7 GAC33 grey colours
FAB-471 PC-7 GAC33 grey colours
FAB-745 + 2 UH-1H GA51  
FAB-920 VT-34A GAE21  
FAB-510 Zlin 242L GAE21/ColMilAv  
FAB-511 Zlin 242L GAE21/ColMilAv  

Credits: Aviamil

The yearly defile yielded the above, among others.

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