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Santa Cruz 2012 (2)

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Santa Cruz-El Trompillo (Bolivia)

89 aniversario FAB

12 October 2012

FAB754, FAB755 AS350B3 GA51  
FAB031 Beech 58P GAC31  
FAB111 B727-224 TAM  
FAB112, FAB113 B737-2Q3 TAM  
3x Ce152?    
2x Ce172?    
FAB333, FAB382 +2 Ce206    
5x Ce210?    
3x CeA188    
FAB520, FAB521 DA40CS GAE21/ColMilAv  
FAB522, FAB523 DA40CS GAE21/ColMilAv  
FAB524, FAB525 DA40CS GAE21/ColMilAv  
FAB526, FAB527 DA40CS GAE21/ColMilAv  
FAB528 DA40CS GAE21/ColMilAv  
DC-10F TAM  
FAB003 EC145 GA51  
FAB001 Falcon 900EX Presidential Flt  
FAB726, FAB727 UH-1H GA51/FdTDR  
FAB748 +2 UH-1H GA51/FdTDR  
FAB660, FAB661 K-8VB GAC34  
FAB662, FAB663 K-8VB GAC34  
FAB664, FAB665 K-8VB GAC34  
FAB501, FAB502 Neiva 621 GAE21  
FAB504, FAB506 Neiva 621 GAE21  
FAB453 PC-7 GAC34  
FAB467, FAB470 PC-7 GAC34 special tail marks
FAB760, FAB761 R44 Raven II GAE22  
FAB762, FAB763 R44 Raven II GAE22  
FAB764, FAB765 R44 Raven II GAE22  
FAB002 Sabre 60 Presidential Flt  
2x T-33    
Most were identified from Youtube footage.      

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