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Santa Cruz 2007

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Date: 12-13 October 2007

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Flightlines & Static:
FAB183 			A.122 		GAE21               
FAB750/3312 	        AS332B1 	nn 		c/n 2309           
FAB751/7425 	        AS332B1 	nn 		c/n 2322           
FAB86 		        C212-100 	TAM 		c/n AV2-2-70     
FAB703 		        UH-1H 		FdTDR 		gn c/s *      
FAB713 		        UH-1H 		FdTDR 		gy c/s, c/n 9390*  
FAB714 		        UH-1H 		FdTDR 		gy c/s *      
FAB722 		        UH-1H 		FdTDR 		gy c/s        
FAB502, FAB503 	        Neiva 621 	GAE21 		c/n 122, c/n 002 *
FAB505, FAB506 	        Neiva 621 	GAE21 		c/n 030, c/n 010 *
FAB453, FAB467 	        PC-7 		GAC34 		*              
FAB471, FAB470 	        PC-7 		GAC34 		*              
FAB606, FAB607 	        T-33A 		Esc 311/Pumas 	*     
FAB610, FAB612 	        T-33A 		Esc 311/Pumas 	*     
FAB625 		        T-33A 		Escuela de Caza     
FAB626, FAB627, FAB631 	T-33A 		Escuela de Caza 	*
FAB634 			T-33A 		special mks 	*
FAB639 			T-33A 		Esc 311/Pumas 	*
FAB902 			VT-34A 		GAE21 		c/n X-102 *
FAB922 			VT-34A 		GAE21 		c/n CG-279N *
FAB923 			VT-34A 		GAE21 		c/n CG-309N *
FAB924 			VT-34A 		GAE21 		c/n CG-304N *
996 			C-130H 		Grupo 10/FACh
1 			Extra 300L 	Halcones/FACh 	c/n 149
2 			Extra 300L 	Halcones/FACh 	c/n 145
3 			Extra 300L 	Halcones/FACh 	c/n 147
4 			Extra 300L 	Halcones/FACh 	c/n 132
5 			Extra 300L 	Halcones/FACh 	c/n 146

FAB191 			A.122 +1 	GAE21
FAB131 			CeA152 +1 	GAE21
FAB.4. 			PA-34
FAB904, FAB920, FAB921 	VT-34A +1 	GAE21

GA51 area:
FAB61 			C-130B 		GAT71
AE-460 			UH-1H-II 	special c/s
AE-461 			UH-1H-II

VIP visitors (Friday 12th):
FAB101 			BAe146-200 	TAM +13
FAB043 			Beech 1900 	GAC31
FAB001 			Sabre 60 	Presidential Flight
EB-003 			Beech C90 	Ejército
2033 			C212 		Paraguayan AF

FAB029 			Beech 58
FAB203 			Ce206
FAB338 			CeU206
FAB341 			CeT210
FAB354 			Ce210
FAB15 			PT-17 		pres. on pole red c/s
FAB16 			PT-17 		taxiing red c/s
FAB183 			A.122 		pres.on pole on base
FAB174 			A.122 		pres.on pole outside
FAB720 			UH-1H 		pres.on pole outside

All aircraft marked * participated in the 50 years anniversary flypast
on 12 October preceding the actual open day on the 13th.
Both Super Pumas are flown by Venezuelan crew with dual
Bolivian/Venezuelan markings and "Aviacion Militar
Bolivariana de Venezuela" titles. On the fuselage they have a
drawing of a cobra and the titles ‘Cobras’, indicating they were
part of AMV’s - Grupo Aéreo de Operaciones Especiales 10.
The special markings of T-33A FAB634 consisted of ’50 years
FAB’ in yellow on black on the port side of the tail and ‘75 years
GAC31’ on the starboard side. The Argentinean Army Hueys
were detached here and flew a mission on 13 October.

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