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La Paz 2009

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Date: 24 October 2009

Made by:


FAB101 		BAe146-200 	TAM
TAM63 		C-130A 		stored  
CP-2184 	C-130A          TAB 		c/n 3228
FAB66 		C-130B          GAT71   
FAB90 		F27-400M 	GAT71 		c/n 10578
FAB008 		Lj25B 		SNA 		c/n 25B-192
FAB612 		T-33A-N 	GAC31
FAB636 		T-33A-N 	(GAC31)

FAB100 		BAe146-200 	TAM        
FAB026          Beech C90 	GAC31 hangar
FAB341          CeT210 		GAC31                
FAB61 		C-130B          GAT71 hangar         
FAB65           C-130B          GAT71                
CP-1376 	C-130H          TAB                  
FAB74 		CL-66B          std TAM c/s no titles
FAB606 		T-33A-N 	GAC31         
FAB607          T-33A-N         GAC31         
FAB610          T-33A-N         GAC31         
FAB634          T-33A-F         GAC31 spcl c/s
Plus one MA60 TAM (new c/s in hangar), five T-33 (three in
Aerofotogrametria, two in GAC31 hangar), one Be58 dismantled
in GAC31 hangar.

FAB103 		BAe146-200 	TAM          
FAB043          Beech 1900 	GAC31 for TAM
FAB001          Sabre 60 	GAC31          
The stored C-130A on the static was adorned with Burn Energy
Drink titles whereas FAB61, 65 and 66 sported additional US
Embassy markings.

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