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Beauvechain 1970

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Date: 28 June 1970

Made by: Gijs Hiltermann, George Candelin

Updated: 3 November 2002; 16 January 2023, Dirk Lamarque

14896 	    	DP-C	F-5A 		718Sqn RNorAF
14909     	DP-Z	F-5B 		718Sqn RNorAF
50+28          		C-160D 		Ltg.63 WGAF
66-7556         BT	F-4D 		36 TFW USAF
66-7560         BR	F-4D 		22 TFS USAF
163-7822          	C-130E 		USAF
70+75          		UH-1D 		Htg.64 WGAF
B-12/OT-ZKL         	S-58 		40Sqn FAB
B-13/OT-ZKM         	S-58 		40Sqn FAB
CM170.527            	Magister     	"Patrouille de France" 
CM170.529            	Magister     	"Patrouille de France" 
CM170.534            	Magister     	"Patrouille de France" 
CM170.535            	Magister     	"Patrouille de France" 
CM170.536            	Magister     	"Patrouille de France" 
CM170.541            	Magister     	"Patrouille de France" 
CM170.542            	Magister     	"Patrouille de France" 
CM170.544            	Magister    	"Patrouille de France" 
CM170.546            	Magister     	"Patrouille de France" 
CP-11/51-2696	OT-CAK	C-119F		ET21/15 FAB
CP-22/52-6023	OT-CBB	C-119G		ET21/15 FAB
CP-26/52-6028	OT-CBF	C-119G		ET40/15 FAB
CP-29/52-6047	OT-CBI	C-119G		ET40/15 FAB
CP-33/52-6032	OT-CBM	C-119G		ET40/15 FAB
CP-34/52-6050	OT-CBN	C-119G		ET40/15 FAB
CP-39/52-6046	OT-CBS	C-119G		ET40/15 FAB
CP-40/52-6058	OT-CBT	C-119G		ET21/15 FAB
CP-43/53-8138	OT-CEC	C-119G		ET21/15 FAB
CP-46/53-8151	OT-CEH	C-119G		ET21/15 FAB
FC-03			TF-104G		1 Wg FAB
FC-05			TF-104G		1 Wg FAB
FC-10			TF-104G		1 Wg FAB
FC-12			TF-104G		1 Wg FAB
FR-27/51-1922		RF-84F 		ER42 FAB
FR-32/53-7646         	RF-84F 		ER42 FAB
FT-10/51-6664          	T-33A 		ET11 FAB
FT-28/53-5752          	T-33A 		ET11 FAB
FU-20/52-7151		F-84F 		2Wg FAB
FX-01          		F-104G 		1 Wg FAB
FX-06      		F-104G		1 Wg FAB
FX-07          		F-104G		1 Wg FAB
FX-11          		F-104G		1 Wg FAB
FX-12         		F-104G		1 Wg FAB
FX-14          		F-104G		1 Wg FAB
FX-15      		F-104G		1 Wg FAB
FX-27          		F-104G 		1 Wg FAB
FX-30          		F-104G 		1 Wg FAB
FX-32          		F-104G 		10 Wg FAB
FX-37          		F-104G 		1 Wg FAB
FX-39          		F-104G		1 Wg FAB
FX-45			F-104G 		1 Wg FAB
FX-47          		F-104G 		1 Wg FAB
FX-54			F-104G		1 Wg FAB
FX-55			F-104G		1 Wg FAB
FX-58			F-104G		1 Wg FAB
FX-65          		F-104G 		1 Wg FAB
FX-69          		F-104G		1 Wg FAB
FX-73			F-104G 		1 Wg FAB
FX-74          		F-104G		1 Wg FAB
FX-78			F-104G 		1 Wg FAB
FX-82          		F-104G 		1 Wg FAB
FX-91          		F-104G 		1 Wg FAB
FX-93          		F-104G 		1 Wg FAB
FX-94          		F-104G		1 Wg FAB
M3e.451   	2-EG    Mirage IIIE 	EC1/2 ALA
M3e.443		2-EH    Mirage IIIE 	EC1/2 ALA
MM54282		82     	MB326 		SVBIE ItAF
MM6238		-	G91Y.pan	Frecci Tricolori
MM6242		12	G91Y.pan 	Frecci Tricolori 
MM6244		2	G91Y.pan	Frecci Tricolori
MM6251		8	G91Y.pan	Frecci Tricolori
MM6259		5	G91Y.pan	Frecci Tricolori
MM6260		10	G91Y.pan	Frecci Tricolori
MM6261		14	G91Y.pan	Frecci Tricolori
MM6264		1	G91Y.pan	Frecci Tricolori
MM62--		13	G91Y.pan	Frecci Tricolori
MM62--		11	G91Y.pan	Frecci Tricolori
MM62--		15	G91Y.pan	Frecci Tricolori
MT-3/260		Magister	Diables Rouge
MT-12/269		Magister	Diables Rouge
MT-21/278		Magister	Diables Rouge
MT-32/289		Magister	Diables Rouge
MT-44/323		Magister	ATS
N2501.006	62-WI   N2501 		Gi312 ALA
OL-A20         	OT-AAN	Sa313b 		15Sqn Army FAB
OL-A21         	OT-AAO	Sa313b		Army FAB
OL-A28         	OT-AAU	Sa313b		Army FAB
OL-A29          OT-AAV	Sa313b		Army FAB
OL-A30         	OT-AAW	Sa313b 		Army FAB
OL-A34         	OT-ABA	Sa313b		Army FAB
OL-A37         	OT-ABD	Sa313b 		Army FAB
OL-A40         	OT-ACA	Sa313c		Army FAB
OL-A49         	OT-ACJ	Sa313c 		Army FAB
OL-A56         	OT-ACP	Sa313c		Army FAB
OL-A59         	OT-ACR	Sa313c 		Army FAB
OL-A62         	OT-ACT	Sa313c 		Army FAB
OL-A67         	OT-ACY	Sa313c 		Army FAB
OL-A71         	OT-A--	Sa313c 		Army FAB
OL-A77         	OT-ADH	Sa313c 		Army FAB
OL-A94         	OT-GCD	Sa313c 		Rijkswacht
OL-D06         		DO-27 		15Sqn
PM631		AD-C    Spitfire 	BBMF RAF
R-342/62-12342        	F-104G 		Esk726 RDAF
R-345/62-12345		F-104G  	Esk726 RDAF
R-647/63-13647		F-104G  	Esk726 RDAF
R-702/63-12702		F-104G  	Esk726 RDAF
R-754/64-17754		F-104G  	Esk726 RDAF
Sa332m.1038   	BUO     SA332m 		GalDiv 7 ALAT
SG-3			Spitfire FR xiv	Gate Guard
ST-01          		SF260M 		ETS FAB
ST-02          		SF260M 		ETS FAB
ST-03          		SF260M 		ETS FAB
ST-04          		SF260M 		ETS FAB
ST-06          		SF260M 		ETS FAB
ST-07          		SF260M 		ETS FAB
ST-08          		SF260M 		ETS FAB 
ST-09          		SF260M 		ETS FAB
ST-10          		SF260M 		ETS FAB
ST-11          		SF260M 		ETS FAB
ST-12          		SF260M 		ETS FAB
U-277          		S-61  		Esk721 RDAF
V-18/1160		SV4bis		Penguins FAB
V-28/1170   		SV4bis 		Penguins FAB
VP961          		Devon C2/2	MCCS RAF
WL671		20	Varsity T!	CFS RAF
XM296          		Heron C1	MCCS RAF
XS597          		Andover C1	RAF
XW289          	82	Jet Provost T5	Red Pelicans CFS RAF
XW292          	85	Jet Provost T5	Red Pelicans CFS RAF 
XW293          	86	Jet Provost T5	Red Pelicans CFS RAF
XW295          	88	Jet Provost T5	Red Pelicans CFS RAF

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