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Klagenfurt 1996

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Date: 13 July 1996

Made by: Scramble

Updated:17 March 2023, Manfred Sommer  

20                    J35Ö         FlRg2/UbG/2
BA31                  Saab 105Ö    FlRg3
3E-KV                 SA316B       FlRg2/HG2
3H-FN                 PC-7         FlS
"506"                 MiG-29       MiG OKB
XS733/Q               Dominie T1   3FTS
ZD435/47, ZG508/79    Harrier GR7  nn
XX247/CM, XX248/CJ    Hawk T1A     100sq
XX290/DV              Hawk T1      208sq
XX482/J               Jetstream T1 45(R)sq
ZF161/161             Tucano T1    CFS
81-0952/SP "52FW"     OA-10A       52nd FS
82-0650/SP            OA-10A       52nd FS
84-0108               C-21A        76th AS
64-17681/RS           C-130E       37th AS
58-0095               KC-135Q      22nd ARS
88-0413/AV "510FS"    F-16C        510th FS
89-2046/AV            F-16C        510th FS
G-BVGH                Hunter T7    'XL573'
LY-AVN                An-2
LY-AVS                Yak-52       '59'
OE-EAS                F4U-4        'BR-37'
OE-ESA                T-28B        '138179/BA'
OE-FWS                Grumman 44A  Red Bull
RA-11312              An-12BP

MB339A/PANs of the Trecce Tricolori: MM54475/1,
MM54551/2,  MM54484/3, MM54500/4,  MM54536/5,
MM54439/6,  MM54483/7, MM54445/8,  MM54485/9,
MM51517/10 and additional MB.339A/PAN with tail number 0	

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