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Beech Queen/King Air & Starship

56142 records found

Updated: 2021-04-11 17:59:00

Reg Type CN/LN Operator Date Remarks
70-15876 RU-21H LU-2 United States Army
N81458 Beech B200C BL-168 Hawker Beechcraft Corp. Sep 2010
D-IBOW Beech 200 BB-451 ? Feb 1979
N505SG Beech 350 FL-606 Hawker Beechcraft Corp. Jun 2008
76-22553 C-12C BC-29 United States Army
67-18109 RU-21D LM-105 United States Army
N47RM Beech B200GT BY-61 Hawker Beechcraft Corp. Jun 2008
N3941A Beech B65 LC-332
N38052 Beech B100 BE-111 Tarheel Container Corp May 1981
66-18046 U-21A LM-47 United States Army
N708WH Beech B200GT BY-7 Hawker Beechcraft Corp. Jul 2007
N8143Q Beech 350i FL-743 Hawker Beechcraft Corp. Sep 2010
LV-PGN Beech C90B LJ-1346 GSP Emprendimientos Agropecuaria
N3AW Beech 350 FL-491 Raytheon Aircraft Co. Apr 2006
N231Q Beech 65 LC-185 Michael A. Carey 3 Jul 1995
N721K Beech 90 LJ-43 Belton H. Gardner Jun 1985
N2480A Beech 200 BB-296 Southern Michigan News Co Sep 1984
160845 T-44A LL-7 United States Navy
XB-FGF Beech B80 LD-271 Adrian G. Garza Salinas
C-GMBG Beech C90B LJ-1304 Bombardier Inc. Opf Canada Aviation Training Center
PT-CIJ Beech 88 LP-15
N76RT Beech 70 LB-27 PAR Worldwide Group Inc 15 Jun 2004
N179KA Beech 200 BB-445 Portland General Electric Co Apr 1982
N61185 Beech 350 FL-395 Raytheon Aircraft Co. 1 Apr 2004
N200KA Beech B200 BB-1158 Beech Aircraft Corp.
... Beech B80 LD-502 ?
N1846K Beech B200 BB-1061 Beech Aircraft Corp. Apr 1982
89-00275 RC-12N FE-21 United States Army
N186M Beech 65 LC-140 Robert C. Murphy 30 Nov 1989
PP-BFA Beech C90GTx LJ-2153 Bom Futuro Agricola Ltda. Oct 2018
D-ILKE Beech A80 LD-227
N36801 Beech B200 BB-1881 Raytheon Aircraft Co. 27 Aug 2004
62-3854 U-8F LF-52 United States Army
N7256G Beech B200 BB-1248 Hedrick Beechcraft-Houston Inc Aug 1986
N23780 TC-90 LJ-778 NULL
N3734Y Beech C90GT LJ-1834 Raytheon Aircraft Co. Feb 2007
67-18078 U-21A LM-78 United States Army
N6034P Beech B200 BB-1835 Raytheon Aircraft Co. Aug 2003
N48HB Beech 350 FL-16 Huntington National Bank Aug 1990
AE-257 Beech B80 LD-461 Ejército Argentino - Argentinian Army
G-BEHR Beech 200 BB-230 ? 1 Nov 1976
N2AS Beech E90 LW-41
Beech A65-8200 LC-275 NULL
N8199W Beech 350 FL-100 Legends Golf Development 1994
N7221H Beech 300 FA-47 Beech Aircraft Corp. Jul 1985
D-IHCO Beech C90 LJ-835 R. Hoffmann Jun 1979
N82396 Beech 300LW FA-225
D-IBCI Beech B200 BB-932 C. Still KG 29 Sep 1981
HB-GCB Beech 90 LJ-14
N24BL Beech C90 LJ-590

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