Scramble 488 - January 2020

Scramble issue 488 is filled with 120 pages of aviation news, featuring one article! All regular sections are covered, with some larger sections like the Military Movements Elsewhere, because of the backlog of last month.
Ocean Sky 19
Exercise Ocean Sky 19 was held at Gando air base on the island of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria from 19 to 30 October 2019. The authors, Hans de Ree, Eric Tammer and Lee de Ree give you some background on the exercise and also have made an overview of the participating and visiting aircraft.
Various on Triptease and Showreports
No less than fourteen pages containing trips. From Toulouse in France to Ecuador in South America. But also an extensive trip report from Russia with lots of information on the aircraft that can be seen. Within the Showreports section you can find everything on the Dubai Air Show, our correspondents stayed there for four days.
Our monthly returning topics:

* Movements and trips of the Netherlands, Belgium & the rest of the world, both civil and military

* The latest news, both civil and military

* Updates on the world's aircraft fleets, civil and military

* Aircraft mishaps in Dustpan & Brush

* Wrecks & Relics

* Warbirds

* Scramble Intelligence Service

* Showreports

* Triptease


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