Scramble 484 - September 2019

Scramble issue 484 is filled with 112 pages of aviation news, featuring again three articles!
Dutch Heliday 2019
An overview of the Dutch Heliday event, which was held at Stroe Heliport in the Veluwe area, the second of its kind and took place on 3 August. It is six years ago since the first edition of the meeting!
The 421st FS goes "Spang"
Hill AFB had to undergo necessary maintenance to its platforms and as a result the based squadrons 
(4th FS, 34th FS and 421st FS) were redeployed to various locations. 421st FS decided to relocate to Spangdahlem (Germany). This article, made by subscriber Manolito Jaarsma, gives a nice overview.
The Mi-25 in Peru
For decades, the Peruvian Air Force was the sole South American operator of the Mi-25. Recently, research revealed many new details on the individual airframes so we decided to pay homage to the Peruvian sharks of the air. Enjoy!

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