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by wamovements
17 Aug 2020, 09:51
Forum: Spotting Germany
Topic: IDF-AF to excersise in Germany #bluewings2020
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Re: IDF-AF to excersise in Germany #bluewings2020

IAF133 appeared overhead the adriatic, serial 522.
by wamovements
12 Aug 2020, 06:07
Forum: Mildenhall & Lakenheath
Topic: EGUL & EGUN future
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Re: EGUL & EGUN future

This is probably a newsitem from 2015/2016, when F-35s were still expected in 2020. Things have changed
by wamovements
28 Jul 2020, 15:21
Forum: Military Aviation News
Topic: Atlantic Resolve: 101st CAB to take over 3rd CAB summer 2020
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Re: Atlantic Resolve: 101st CAB to take over 3rd CAB summer

W&R wrote:
Boswell wrote:gips
I think the missing UH-60L is 26831 which we read off in the docks during offload
Rgds Alan
R26831 now going south between Augsburg and Munchen -> to Aviano
Saw 4 Blackhawks this morning at Aviano. They arrived yesterday as Warlord11. Anyone for a full list of this flight of four?
by wamovements
07 Jul 2020, 12:32
Forum: Helispot
Topic: EH101 G17-510
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EH101 G17-510

During Ila 2010 I saw EH.101 G17-510, often referred to 510-001

Is this c/n 50012? And if so, what is it current status?
In the past more EH101 had G17-510. Hopefully someone can help me.
by wamovements
02 Jul 2020, 11:02
Forum: Eindhoven
Topic: EHEH 02-07-2020 MIL
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Re: EHEH 02-07-2020 MIL

WR wrote:Noted this morning on north ramp
20361 20392 20422 30351 20616 20172 20395 20387 20364 20354 20615 20355
26596 26587 26830 26812 26482 26458
45439 75535
85548 also hangared?
by wamovements
01 Jul 2020, 18:15
Forum: Eindhoven
Topic: EHEH 01-07-2020 MIL
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Re: EHEH 01-07-2020 MIL

Polleke_NL wrote:So effectively no helicopter has moved to rotterdam yet? The word was that 8 or so would move this afternoon/evening. Can anyone confirm that or will they all remain at eindhoven?
3 Apaches and 2 UH-60Ms have left EHV for RTM harbour
by wamovements
26 May 2020, 11:08
Forum: Eindhoven
Topic: EHEH 26.05. Mil
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Re: EHEH 26.05. Mil

20361 just arrived for fuelstop at Spangdahlem.
by wamovements
15 May 2020, 15:09
Forum: Amsterdam - Schiphol
Topic: EHAM 15-05-2020 MIL
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Re: EHAM 15-05-2020 MIL

at 14:50 as 2 x 2-ship overhead Doorn
by wamovements
08 Apr 2020, 21:31
Forum: Spotting Netherlands
Topic: Operational Dutch F-16's
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Re: Operational Dutch F-16's

roberto wrote:Mij bereikte het droevige nieuws dat ook de J-002 buiten dienst is en dat de J-624 waarschijnlijk deze week zijn laatste vlucht maakt
002 nu al? Die was toch pas voor 2023 gepland?
by wamovements
03 Apr 2020, 09:42
Forum: Military Aviation News
Topic: Irish Air Corps orders PC-12’s
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Re: Irish Air Corps orders PC-12’s

Today an Irish Air Corps PC-12 was seen at Stans Buochs, in a civilian colorscheme. Cn1898 with serial 280 should be delivered this week I think a 1st April prank! I was wrong! I searched a little on the web and found out this is the c/s of a Chinese Company: Asian Express Aviation. There were at l...
by wamovements
17 Mar 2020, 06:13
Forum: Eindhoven
Topic: EHEH 17-03-2020 MIL
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Re: EHEH 17-03-2020 MIL

Blijft heel kort aan de grond. Gaat na Eindhoven door naar Chievres
by wamovements
11 Mar 2020, 07:18
Forum: Spotting Canada & USA
Topic: Nellis Red Flag 20-2
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Re: Nellis Red Flag 20-2

VMFT-401 were gas-n-go only and went via SLC to Boise (ID) where they will stay 2 weeks. Hornets and Growlers are not there for RF.
by wamovements
09 Mar 2020, 12:54
Forum: Messages from & to Scramble
Topic: Link error
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Re: Link error

Thanks, tought it should link to SIS summary (which I found).
by wamovements
08 Mar 2020, 18:22
Forum: Woensdrecht
Topic: 2020-03-02
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Re: 2020-03-02

Lijkt op 2 exemplaren die bij de domeinen lagen. Met name de goudkleurige canopy valt op evenals de groene aanslag wat doet vermoeden dat kist geruime tijd buiten heeft gestaan.
by wamovements
07 Mar 2020, 18:19
Forum: Messages from & to Scramble
Topic: Link error
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Link error

The link on the main page to the messageboards results in a visit to forum. Error or is the messageboard wfu?