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by attila.szabo
10 Mar 2016, 11:47
Forum: Gilze-Rijen & GRAS
Topic: EHGR 09-03-2016
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Re: EHGR 09-03-2016

Stafhunter wrote:10:39 FAF6441 705-MN E167
10:47 FAF6442 E37
10:52 FAF6443 705-RB E163
11:12 FAF6444 705-MA E35
Alpha Jet E EAC00.314
E35 / 705-MA
E37 / 705-NL
E163 / 705-RB
E167 / 705-MN
by attila.szabo
08 Mar 2016, 17:50
Forum: Airshow news!
Topic: 25/26jun2016 Belgian AF Days Florennes, movs/logs/queries et
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Re: 25/26jun 2016 Belgian Air Force Days Florennes, particip

Website only gives this at the moment: G F-4E-2020 - TuAF (2x) A EF-18M - SpAF A Typhoon - FGR4RAF A Rafale C - FAF A F/A-18C - SwissAF A F-16C HAF A Super Constellation - "civ" A Spitfire - "MH434" A SF-260 - Red Devils/BAF (+) AG NH-90 - BAF/BN (+) AG F-16AM - BAF (+) (A)ir display (G)round dispal...
by attila.szabo
15 Dec 2015, 17:32
Forum: Gilze-Rijen & GRAS
Topic: EHGR 15-12-2015
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Re: EHGR 15-12-2015

Totale lijst per 15h15 16-dec-2015; G-781 C-130H 336Sq D-101 CH-47D 298Sq D-102 CH-47D 298Sq D-665 CH-47D 298Sq Q-04 AH-64D 301Sq (?) Q-08 AH-64D 301Sq Q-14 AH-64D 301Sq Q-21 AH-64D 301Sq Q-26 AH-64D 301Sq Q-29 AH-64D 301Sq A-247 SA.316B 300Sq blue c/s A-275 SA.316B 300Sq blue c/s A-292 SA.316B 300S...
by attila.szabo
14 Dec 2015, 11:43
Forum: Gilze-Rijen & GRAS
Topic: Afscheid Alouette III
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Re: Afscheid Alouette III

Even alle chit-chat daargelaten, is er iets bekend over evt. kisten die zijn uitgenodigd cq bevestigd voor dit afscheid?
by attila.szabo
10 Dec 2015, 15:00
Forum: Gilze-Rijen & GRAS
Topic: EHGR 12-12-2015
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Re: EHGR 12-12-2015

Als de Osprey's komen, is het zomaar mogelijk dat ze vanaf Lakenheath vliegen, de demo doen en vervolgens weer huiswaarts keren, dus geen Gilze en/of Rotterdam De Engelsen willen natuurlijk gaan stappen in A'dam en zullen mogelijk vrijdag al binnen staan op Gilze ! PS Dit zijn zo mijn gedachtes over...
by attila.szabo
09 Dec 2015, 11:34
Forum: Amsterdam - Schiphol
Topic: EHAM 09-12-2015 MIL
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Re: EHAM 09-12-2015 MIL

That bird I think is a Falcon 10 Mer. I've seen this bird on East earlier this year. Is this from the Navy or Airforce? Any ideas who is transported? A Dassault Falcon 10MER is a Navy Falcon with serial 101, and callsign FNY5560 means French Navy Also see earlier message that T7 wrote: 1115-xxxx F-...
by attila.szabo
07 Dec 2015, 14:52
Forum: Rotterdam-The Hague
Topic: Rotterdam city: 11,12dec2015 MIL: Marines defilé
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Re: 12-12 Rotterdam city, NL 350th anniversary Marines

Don't know if the helo's are flying from Rotterdam or Gilze & Rijen.
If for just a quick stop and/or refuelling Rotterdam is the place, but if they stay overnight Gilze & Rijen is a more secure place.
by attila.szabo
04 Dec 2015, 16:36
Forum: Aviation Photo Forum
Topic: spotting in KNFW 12-1-2015
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Re: spotting in KNFW 12-1-2015

WOW Dave, some noice shots, the CO-Marines Hornet I like very much :wink:
by attila.szabo
04 Dec 2015, 08:23
Forum: Aviation Photo Forum
Topic: HYAKURI AFB (茨城空港) Nov 2015
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Re: HYAKURI AFB (茨城空港) Nov 2015

Phantastic shots Starman :respect:
by attila.szabo
27 Nov 2015, 14:09
Forum: Rotterdam-The Hague
Topic: Rotterdam city: 11,12dec2015 MIL: Marines defilé
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Re: EHRD 12-12-2015 MIL: diverse helikopters

Goegol wrote:Ze vliegen waarschijnlijk vanaf gilze, niet vanaf rotterdam
Zou gaan om 2x NH90, 2x osprey en 2x seaking
Mag ik vragen waar je deze info vandaan hebt?
by attila.szabo
27 Nov 2015, 13:05
Forum: Spotting Netherlands
Topic: Looking for movements Soesterbeg AB August 1986
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Re: Looking for movements Soesterbeg AB August 1986

Ik heb movements van 18-6, 22-7, 23-7 en 24-7, maar niet van augustus, mocht je deze willen laat het weten anders kan ik je niet verder helpen! TIP oproep doen voor de (oud)leden van de Soesterberg Spotting Group, ze hadden ook een website "" de Soesterbergse Spotting Group the Hill Kille...
by attila.szabo
26 Nov 2015, 12:28
Forum: Spangdahlem
Topic: ETAD 23-11-2015
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Re: ETAD 23-11-2015

Adraf wrote:A-10C 78-0586 75th FS - dep 09XX
A-10C 78-0600 74th FS - dep 09XX
A-10C 78-0639 75th FS - dep 09XX
A-10C 79-0192 75th FS - dep 09XX
A-10C 79-0193 75th FS - dep 09XX
A-10C 81-0995 74th FS - dep 09XX
Do you or anyone else know when the two additionals arrived at ETAD?
by attila.szabo
19 Nov 2015, 13:02
Forum: Eindhoven
Topic: EHEH 18-11-2015 MIL
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Re: EHEH 18-11-2015 MIL

So to have a complete picture of the military visitors for Wednesday: 08-0003/03 C-17A HAW/SAC 111/62-II CN.235M-200 ET01.062 07-61016 Be.300 US Army / Phillips AAF / Aberdeen Proving Grounds Not jet know if this Be.300 is a MC-12W or C-12S, but it's the ex N898RJ and it was a member of Co B/3-214 A...
by attila.szabo
12 Nov 2015, 15:41
Forum: Spangdahlem
Topic: ETAD 12-11-2015
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Re: ETAD 12-11-2015

Nilson wrote:
Richard de Florennes wrote:
BirdieBarty wrote:No F22 Raptors ?
No. Only the usual F-106 QRA detachment flying a sortie along the the ADIZ.
Bummer, so they already phased out the F102 :-(!
The left out the mighty One-O-Four :ontopic:
by attila.szabo
10 Nov 2015, 12:23
Forum: Aviation Photo Forum
Topic: ETAD 09-11-2015
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Re: ETAD 09-11-2015

Alle Bilder sind sehr schön Adraf :respect:

Eine Frage Adraf: Weißt Du wann die "FT" A-10's Spangdahlem verlassen werden.. End November :?:
Möchte gerne nochmal gehen und Sie fotografieren... :P :wink: