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by LookingGlass
21 Nov 2021, 14:16
Forum: Spotting Netherlands
Topic: Wie wat waar vliegt daar - 2021 CIV
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Re: Wie wat waar vliegt daar - 2021 CIV

B777-9 N779XW just visible over Doetinchem. Heading Northwest as Boeing01, according to ADSB
by LookingGlass
18 Jan 2021, 10:19
Forum: Vintage, warbirds and wrecks & relics
Topic: MiG-23 Brussel museum
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Re: MiG-23 Brussel museum

They also used the MiG-23MS. An interesting survivor can be found on San Clemente Island on a small dump.

See images here: ... an-mig-23/

Also recently an interesting video appeared on youtube:
by LookingGlass
19 Oct 2020, 19:00
Forum: Tattle Lounge
Topic: What's happening at the Northsea?
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Re: What's happening at the Northsea?

Ah, that makes sense! Last week (14oct), during a similar exercise with Detox, Warp, Weasel etc refuelling, I caught 'Mighty 65 flight rtb to the States' talking to bandbox. I was wondering why the US bomber task force was working with bandbox.

Thanks for clearing that up :D
by LookingGlass
14 Oct 2020, 12:17
Forum: Leeuwarden
Topic: EHLW 14-10-2020 (alert call VOS)
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Re: EHLW 14-10-2020 (alert call VOS)

Hoorde op RapCon 'Bolt 2 emergency cancelled' (F-011, ADSB)