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by Victory103
26 Sep 2021, 07:07
Forum: Spotting Canada & USA
Topic: Fort Hood and Hood AHP (KHLR), 2021
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Re: Fort Hood and Hood AHP (KHLR), 2021

The forgotten West Ft. Hood has 1x OV-1, 1x RC-12 on sticks. One OH-58A was moved to Base Ops off Gray Dr. after spending time at our BN HQ on Cobra Dr. I left in 2018, but next to New Robert Gray Dr. motor pool sits 1x UH-1 and 1xOH-58 just wasting away behind a fence.
by Victory103
20 May 2021, 01:51
Forum: Spotting Canada & USA
Topic: KNZY/NASNI May 2021 A Flock of Goshawks ++
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Re: KNZY/NASNI May 2021 A Flock of Goshawks ++

US Air Force?? //can't figure out who operates the aircraft
Beech MC-12W Liberty
Ronin 11/08-0376 //only marking on the aircraft were 080376, the US flag and stars and bars. Didn't say US Air Force or anything like that. Very spooky.
US Army operated, callsign is 15th MI BN.
by Victory103
28 Dec 2019, 05:36
Forum: Spotting Canada & USA
Topic: Palm Springs Airport
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Re: Palm Springs Airport

Not really on TDY, only in for fuel stops. I've seen USMC/USN Hornets, USMC AH-1/UH-1, and USN H-60s. I did see 2x F-18Ds from VMFA-225 stay overnight, probably a maintenance issue.
by Victory103
25 Oct 2017, 04:07
Forum: Radio Activity
Topic: Huntsville Intl KHSV
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Re: Huntsville Intl KHSV

ARMY 76013 BE-300 LW 07-76013/AKA N28EL 3-214Th Avn Co B *****

Tail should be 0761013, unit incorrect.
by Victory103
31 Jan 2017, 05:23
Forum: Military Aviation News
Topic: MC-12 situation
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Re: MC-12W current situation

N20KW, 75ME, 535PN, 507P are overseas and carrying mil serials.
N28EL is now 761013