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by passoni
03 Sep 2021, 08:41
Forum: Leeuwarden
Topic: Swedish Air Force Historic Flight at Jersey
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Swedish Air Force Historic Flight at Jersey

Next week are Lansen, Draken and Viggen announced for Jersey International Air Display. Does anybody know something about a fuel stop here?
by passoni
16 Jun 2019, 13:36
Forum: Volkel
Topic: Departures after Luchtmachtdagen
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Re: Departures after Luchtmachtdagen

Can anybody confirm that 349 SQ F-16 (D-Day special) is still on base and will return to KB on monday morning?

Thx, Thomas
by passoni
21 Mar 2019, 07:25
Forum: Leeuwarden
Topic: EHLW 22-03-2019 MIL
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Re: EHLW 22-03-2019 MIL

Do you expect the Kings with standard approach to rwy 23/(05) - so they did obviously on tuesday - or go they normally direct to the apron?
by passoni
19 Mar 2019, 20:20
Forum: Leeuwarden
Topic: EHLW 19-03-2019 MIL
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Re: EHLW 19-03-2019 MIL

Any info about another fuel stop on it's way back to Norway?
by passoni
09 Jun 2018, 21:44
Forum: Leeuwarden
Topic: 75th anniversary of 322sq
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Re: 75th anniversary of 322sq

Asked the following question to the Norwegian Starfighter Team: Can you confirm the participation on 14th June at RNLAF 322 SQ anniversary? Please can you give planned arrival and departure dates? [/i] And received this answer some minutes ago: Nothing is decided yet. We need permission from civil a...