Lippe Radar changes

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Lippe Radar changes

Post by Argus 01 »

Since the beginning of 2017 the radio callsign "Lippe Radar" disappeared from the MUAC frequencies of North-west Germany. It's now changed into "Maastricht Radar". I found this on the Eurocontrol website: ... management

Some frequencies are also changed since november/december 2016:

130.150 (Sector North 1) is replaced bij 134.080
313.200 (Sector North 2) is very quiet and traffic in this area is mostly working on 337.700 (Sector North 1)

131.080 (Sector South 1 & 2) is still active, but on quiet hours this freq is also in use for the northern sectors.
138.575 (Sector North 2) and 373.450 (Sector South 2) are still active as well.
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Re: Lippe Radar changes

Post by tomF22 »

That is because Lippe Radar has been disbanded and is fully integrated with Maastricht Radar now.
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