NBAA 2008: Orlando

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NBAA 2008: Orlando

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This years NBAA was held in Orlando. Following fields we visited these days:

Orlando Kissimmee Gateway Airport (ISM) 05-06-07oct
Orlando International Airport (MCO) 05-06-07oct
Orlando Executive Airport (ORL) 05-06-07oct

9H-AFK A319CJ (ORL 05oct)
CC-CAB Hs125 (ORL 07oct)
C-FCRH Fa50 (MCO 05oct)
C-FJHS Hs125 (MCO 06oct)
C-FNTM Ce560 (MCO 06oct)
C-FPHS B735 (MCO 07oct)
C-FPTM D-Jet (ORL 05oct)
C-FXTC Ce525B (MCO 05oct)
C-FXYN LJ45 (MCO 05oct)
C-GAPT Ce750 (ORL 07oct)
C-GJKI Ce680 (MCO 07oct)
D-ACBG Legacy (MCO 06oct)
HB-IKS CL601 (MCO 05oct)
HB-JSZ Fa7X (ORL 05oct)
HK-4250 Ce550 (MCO 05oct)
HZ-AFY Gulf. 4 (MCO 05oct)
M-FALC Fa900EX (ORL 05oct)
N100GY IAI 1125 (ORL 07oct)
N101KP Ce560 (ORL 06oct)
N101L Gulf. 200 (ORL 06oct)
N105CJ Ce525B (ISM 06oct)
N10F Fa10 (ORL 05oct)
N10FG Ce500 (ISM 06oct)
N10HZ Fa900EX (MCO 06oct)
N10SE LJ40 (ORL 05oct)
N110MG IAI 1125 (ORL 07oct)
N111GJ Ce525 (ORL 05oct)
N114EB Ce560 (MCO 06oct)
N115WZ Prem. 1 (ORL 05oct)
N116SC Sabre 40A (MCO 06oct)
N117AH IAI 1124A (ISM 05oct)
N117LR LJ55 (ORL 06oct)
N117RY CL601 (ORL 05oct)
N118RJ IAI 1124 (ORL 05oct)
N11LB Ce525B (ISM 06oct)
N121CG Ce550 (MCO 05oct)
N1255J Ce525B (ORL 05oct)
N128GB CL601 (ORL 05oct)
N129GB Ce650 (MCO 05oct)
N12NV Be400 (ORL 05oct)
N130CH BD100 (ORL 07oct)
N1327J Ce525 (MCO 06oct)
N141QS Be400 (MCO 05oct)
N142GA Ce560 (ISM 05oct)
N145KK Ce560 (ORL 05oct)
N150GD Gulf. 150 (ORL 05oct)
N150RT Gulf. 150 (ORL 05oct)
N152FJ Fa50 (ORL 05oct)
N159EC LJ45 (ISM 07oct)
N15SK Ce560 (MCO 05oct)
N15WH LJ35A (ORL 05oct)
N160EE LJ60 (ORL 07oct)
N166CL BD100 (ORL 05oct)
N172DH Ce525B (MCO 06oct)
N178MM LJ60 (ORL 05oct)
N17JK Gulf. 4SP (ORL 05oct)
N1881Q Fa20 (ISM 07oct)
N191VF Ce560 (ORL 05oct)
N192FG Gulf. 2SP (ORL 05oct)
N196CT LJ45 (ORL 06oct)
N196FJ Fa50 (ORL 05oct)
N1BS Ce750 (MCO 06oct)
N1NC Fa2000EX (MCO 05oct)
N1SN Gulf. 4SP (ORL 05oct)
N2000L Fa2000 (ORL 05oct)
N200GA Gulf. 200 (ORL 05oct)
N200LB Prem. 1 (MCO 05oct)
N200LV Gulf. 200 (ORL 07oct)
N200MT LJ60 (ORL 06oct)
N20CC Ce560 (MCO 05oct)
N20CF Fa10 (ISM 07oct)
N20H Gulf. 2SP (ORL 05oct)
N20UA Fa20C (ORL 06oct)
N20YL IAI 1125 (ORL 05oct)
N20ZC Be400 (ORL 07oct)
N211CQ Ce650 (ORL 07oct)
N213PQ Prem. 1 (ORL 05oct)
N213X Gulf. 2SP (ORL 05oct)
N221WR Gulf. 3 (MCO 05oct)
N223F Prem. 1 (ORL 05oct)
N224KC Ce550 (ORL 05oct)
N228FJ Fa50 (MCO 06oct)
N232JR Ce550 (ISM 06oct)
N234GX BD700 (ORL 05oct)
N236LC Gulf. 200 (ORL 05oct)
N238BG Ce501 (ISM 05oct)
N240CJ Ce525B (MCO 05oct)
N245DR Ce510 (MCO 05oct)
N245RA Ce525A (MCO 06oct)
N24KT Ce650 (ISM 07oct)
N24QT Ce560 (ISM 06oct)
N251VP Gulf. 450 (ORL 06oct)
N259DH Ce500 (ISM 06oct)
N260V CL600S (ORL 05oct)
N263PA Be400 (ISM 05oct)
N265DE BD700 (ORL 05oct)
N269TA Ce650 (ORL 06oct)
N26CB Ce550 (ISM 06oct)
N2758W LJ40 (ISM 06oct)
N275QS Fa2000 (ISM 05oct)
N275RA IAI 1125 (ORL 05oct)
N277AL LJ55 (ORL 05oct)
N277G Eclipse (ISM 05oct)
N281QS Fa2000 (ISM 05oct)
N282CM Gulf. 200 (ORL 06oct)
N283SL Fa2000EX (ORL 07oct)
N286MC Ce650 (ORL 06oct)
N28CK Ce525 (MCO 06oct)
N296SB BD100 (ORL 06oct)
N297AP Fa900 (MCO 06oct)
N298EF LJ60 (ORL 05oct)
N300BV Ce525 (MCO 06oct)
N300ET Ce525B (MCO 06oct)
N300FS BD100 (ORL 06oct)
N301MK Eclipse (ISM 07oct)
N308CR CL601 (ORL 05oct)
N308GT Ce525B (MCO 05oct)
N30FT Fa50EX (ORL 05oct)
N30PC LJ45 (MCO 07oct)
N310U Fa2000EX (MCO 05oct)
N311GL Be400 (ORL 06oct)
N313DS BD100 (ISM 06oct)
N316CP Eclipse (MCO 07oct)
N3210N Hs125 (ORL 05oct)
N322BJ Prem. 1 (ISM 06oct)
N323G Ce525 (ISM 06oct)
N323JA Ce525 (ISM 06oct)
N324JT Ce550 (ORL 05oct)
N328CC BD100 (ORL 05oct)
N328CR Do328 (ORL 05oct)
N328JT Do328 (MCO 05oct)
N32TK Ce550 (MCO 05oct)
N32TM Gulf. 200 (ORL 06oct)
N331PR Ce550 (MCO 06oct)
N345BH LJ45 (ORL 07oct)
N354QS Ce560 (MCO 06oct)
N355RM LJ55 (ORL 05oct)
N357J Ce525A (ORL 07oct)
N364QS Ce680 (MCO 06oct)
N365QS Ce680 (MCO 06oct)
N371CF Be400 (ORL 05oct)
N373ML IAI 1125 (MCO 05oct)
N381BJ Ce501 (ORL 05oct)
N388SB Ce550 (ORL 05oct)
N38NZ Gulf. 5 (ORL 05oct)
N38TT Ce550 (MCO 05oct)
N390AJ Ce550 (MCO 05oct)
N390BR Prem. 1 (ORL 05oct)
N392QS Ce560 (MCO 05oct)
N394AK Gulf. 4SP (MCO 07oct)
N398DL Ce650 (MCO 07oct)
N399G Ce525 (ORL 05oct)
N399SF Ce560XL (ORL 05oct)
N399W Ce750 (MCO 06oct)
N3WT Ce501 (MCO 06oct)
N4009 LJ45 (ORL 05oct)
N400GK MU-300 (ORL 06oct)
N400J Gulf. 4SP (MCO 07oct)
N402CB Be400 (ORL 06oct)
N405DW Hs125 (ISM 05oct)
N405LM Gulf. 5 (MCO 07oct)
N406TS Be400 (ORL 07oct)
N40XR LJ40 (ORL 06oct)
N411MM IAI 1125 (ORL 05oct)
N416RX Be400 (ORL 07oct)
N41DP BD100 (ORL 05oct)
N41ND Ce525B (MCO 06oct)
N426RJ IAI 1124 (ORL 07oct)
N427CS Ce525B (MCO 05oct)
N428AZ Gulf. 4SP (ORL 05oct)
N428BR Ce525B (MCO 07oct)
N431CS Ce525B (MCO 05oct)
N435JF Fa2000 (ORL 05oct)
N43EC Fa10 (ORL 05oct)
N43PR BBJ (ORL 06oct)
N43QG LJ45 (ORL 05oct)
N43SP Ce501 (ORL 05oct)
N441FX LJ45 (ISM 05oct)
N448RL Ce550 (ORL 05oct)
N44FJ Ce525A (MCO 06oct)
N450GD Gulf. 450 (ORL 05oct)
N458BN Gulf. 200 (ORL 05oct)
N45LJ LJ45XR (ORL 05oct)
N45TP Ce560 (MCO 07oct)
N469WC IAI 1124 (ISM 06oct)
N472MM Gulf. 4 (ORL 05oct)
N473TC LJ25 (MCO 06oct)
N480QS Gulf. 4SP (MCO 06oct)
N480RL Ce560 (ORL 05oct)
N484CH LJ40 (MCO 06oct)
N489GM Ce550 (MCO 07oct)
N490AJ CL604 (ORL 05oct)
N492P Be400 (ISM 07oct)
N493QS Gulf. 4SP (ORL 05oct)
N496AS Be400 (ORL 05oct)
N4GA Ce525B (MCO 06oct)
N500EF Gulf. 3 (ORL 06oct)
N50111 LJ60 (ORL 07oct)
N502JL BD700 (MCO 05oct)
N502XL Ce560XL (MCO 05oct)
N504CX Fa50 (ORL 05oct)
N504YP Fa50 (ORL 05oct)
N506TF Ce501 (ORL 05oct)
N50GP Ce560 (MCO 05oct)
N50SF Fa50 (ORL 05oct)
N511TH Ce560 (ORL 07oct)
N514DS Ce525 (ISM 06oct)
N515JT Legacy (ORL 05oct)
N518JT Legacy (MCO 05oct)
N520GB Ce525 (ORL 06oct)
N520RM Ce525 (MCO 05oct)
N521XP Be400 (ORL 05oct)
N525AL Ce525 (ORL 06oct)
N525DG Ce525B (ORL 05oct)
N525FF Ce525A (MCO 05oct)
N525JA Ce550 (MCO 06oct)
N525LD Ce525A (ISM 06oct)
N525LR Hs125 (ORL 05oct)
N525MA Ce525A (MCO 06oct)
N525WL Ce525B (ORL 05oct)
N528EA Eclipse (ISM 05oct)
N52ET Ce525B (ISM 06oct)
N531PM Ce550 (ORL 07oct)
N531RC Ce680 (MCO 06oct)
N531VP Ce560 (ORL 05oct)
N535CD Prem. 1 (MCO 05oct)
N535TV Ce525A (ORL 05oct)
N537XJ BD100 (ORL 05oct)
N546CS Ce560XL (MCO 05oct)
N550DL Ce550 (ORL 05oct)
N550GD Gulf. 550 (ORL 05oct)
N555EF BD700 (ORL 05oct)
N555FD Ce560 (ISM 05oct)
N555TF BD100 (ORL 06oct)
N55NG Ce560XL (MCO 05oct)
N560FP Ce560 (ORL 05oct)
N560HD Ce560 (ISM 06oct)
N560JF Ce560XL (ORL 05oct)
N560JG Ce560XL (ORL 06oct)
N560RW Ce560 (MCO 06oct)
N561CM Ce560 (ORL 05oct)
N565GG LJ35A (ORL 06oct)
N568DM Ce560XL (ORL 05oct)
N56EL Fa2000EX (MCO 06oct)
N575AG LJ45 (MCO 07oct)
N585VC Hs125 (ORL 06oct)
N586SF Ce560XL (ORL 07oct)
N5950C Gulf. 150 (ORL 05oct)
N595BA LJ35A (ORL 07oct)
N59FT Ce650 (MCO 07oct)
N5GU Ce525B (MCO 05oct)
N5UU BD700 (ORL 05oct)
N5VF Fa50 (ORL 06oct)
N600NM LJ60 (ISM 07oct)
N602AB Gulf. 200 (ORL 05oct)
N602AJ CL600S (ORL 06oct)
N602CS Ce680 (MCO 05oct)
N604EF CL600S (MCO 06oct)
N605CS Ce680 (MCO 05oct)
N607HB Hawker 4000 (ORL 05oct)
N60FT Ce550 (ORL 05oct)
N60NF Ce560 (ORL 05oct)
N60VE LJ60 (ISM 07oct)
N614BG Hs125 (ORL 05oct)
N617CB Ce525A (ORL 05oct)
N61SH Ce525 (ORL 07oct)
N620M Gulf. 4SP (ORL 06oct)
N620RM Hs125 (ORL 05oct)
N622CS Ce680 (MCO 05oct)
N625AT Ce560XL (MCO 06oct)
N627XL Ce560XL (ORL 06oct)
N629GB BD100 (ORL 05oct)
N629QS Ce560XL (MCO 06oct)
N650AS Ce650 (MCO 05oct)
N650KD Ce650 (ORL 05oct)
N656Z Ce560 (MCO 06oct)
N658CF CL600S (ORL 05oct)
N660CC Be400 (ORL 06oct)
N660HC Hs125 (ORL 05oct)
N664CJ Ce525 (MCO 05oct)
N66VA IAI 1124 (ORL 06oct)
N675BP LJ60 (ORL 05oct)
N67CC Ce525A (MCO 05oct)
N680GG Ce680 (MCO 05oct)
N686AB LJ31A (MCO 05oct)
N688TY Gulf. 5 (MCO 06oct)
N692BE Ce650 (MCO 05oct)
N696TA Be400 (ORL 05oct)
N697QS Ce560XL (MCO 06oct)
N699BG Fa900 (ORL 05oct)
N699XP Hs125 (ORL 06oct)
N69AY Ce510 (ORL 06oct)
N6GD Legacy (ORL 07oct)
N7007Q Hawker 4000 (MCO 07oct)
N700KB Prem. 1 (ISM 06oct)
N700SW Ce750 (MCO 07oct)
N702AC Ce560XL (MCO 05oct)
N706VA Gulf. 400 (ORL 06oct)
N70XL Ce560XL (ORL 05oct)
N711NR Ce560XL (ORL 05oct)
N711VJ Ce750 (ORL 05oct)
N712VP Ce750 (MCO 05oct)
N713DH Ce560XL (ORL 05oct)
N716SX Ce560 (MCO 07oct)
N717HD Eclipse (ORL 07oct)
N71BD Gulf. 4SP (ORL 05oct)
N724EH LJ60 (ORL 05oct)
N726AG Ce525B (ORL 05oct)
N728TA Hs125 (ORL 05oct)
N72HG Be400 (MCO 06oct)
N731WH Ce525B (ISM 06oct)
N739QS Gulf. 200 (MCO 05oct)
N7403 Ce680 (MCO 06oct)
N746E BD100 (ORL 07oct)
N747RR Be400 (ORL 05oct)
N747XJ Ce750 (MCO 07oct)
N749BA CL605 (ORL 05oct)
N750RA Gulf. 2SP (ISM 06oct)
N757M Hs125 (ORL 06oct)
N758CC CL604 (ORL 07oct)
N7600 Be400 (ORL 06oct)
N769XJ Ce750 (ORL 06oct)
N770JP LJ35A (ORL 05oct)
N777AY Jetstar 2 (ORL 07oct)
N777XS Ce650 (MCO 05oct)
N781CE Ce560 (ORL 05oct)
N785VC Hs125 (MCO 07oct)
N789H Ce680 (ORL 05oct)
N789JC Fa50 (ORL 06oct)
N78SL Ce750 (MCO 06oct)
N7JT Prem. 1 (ORL 06oct)
N8005 Ce560XL (ISM 06oct)
N800AZ Eclipse (MCO 06oct)
N800CS Prem. 1 (ISM 06oct)
N800FJ Hs125 (ORL 05oct)
N800RC Hs125 (ORL 05oct)
N800RM Hs125 (ORL 06oct)
N801LM Hs125 (ORL 07oct)
N8030F Hs125 (ORL 07oct)
N803RK Hs125 (ORL 05oct)
N806LJ LJ23 (ISM 06oct)
N808QS Ce560 (MCO 07oct)
N808VA Ce650 (ORL 05oct)
N811RA LJ60 (ISM 06oct)
N815QS Hs125 (ORL 05oct)
N817LX Hs125 (ORL 05oct)
N819AP Gulf. 200 (ISM 06oct)
N81HR Prem. 1 (ORL 05oct)
N823ET Be400 (ORL 05oct)
N828CK Ce560XL (ORL 06oct)
N828KD CL604 (MCO 06oct)
N831S Ce525 (ORL 05oct)
N83JJ LJ40 (ISM 06oct)
N83TF Ce525B (ORL 07oct)
N841AM Ce525B (ISM 05oct)
N845G Gulf. 450 (ORL 05oct)
N848QS Hs125 (ORL 05oct)
N84LX Ce560XL (ORL 05oct)
N84TJ Fa10 (ORL 05oct)
N84VA Prem. 1 (MCO 06oct)
N850JL Hs125 (ORL 05oct)
N850ME Hs125 (MCO 06oct)
N855MS Eclipse (ORL 07oct)
N858KE Hs125 (ORL 05oct)
N858ME Ce560 (ORL 05oct)
N85SM Eclipse (ISM 06oct)
N877FL Be400 (ORL 07oct)
N885AR Gulf. 450 (ORL 05oct)
N8888 LJ60 (ORL 06oct)
N888WU CRJ200 (ORL 05oct)
N899NH Ce525B (MCO 06oct)
N89HB LJ31 (MCO 07oct)
N89HE Gulf. 5 (ORL 05oct)
N89HS IAI 1125 (MCO 05oct)
N900DB Jetstar 2 (ORL 07oct)
N900DH Gulf. 2 (ORL 05oct)
N900EB Ce680 (MCO 06oct)
N900EX Fa900EX (ORL 05oct)
N900HC Fa900EX (ISM 07oct)
N900LH Do328 (ORL 05oct)
N900ST Hs125 (ORL 07oct)
N903DD CL600S (MCO 05oct)
N907DK Ce525 (ORL 06oct)
N908CA Fa900B (ORL 06oct)
N908CH Fa20 (ISM 06oct)
N908JB Fa900B (MCO 06oct)
N916BG LJ60 (ORL 05oct)
N916CS Ce560XL (ISM 07oct)
N916GR Gulf. 200 (ORL 05oct)
N916QS Ce750 (MCO 05oct)
N91HK Hs125 (ORL 07oct)
N922SL Ce550 (ORL 07oct)
N934ST Fa2000EX (ORL 05oct)
N93CW Ce525B (ISM 06oct)
N943RL Fa50 (ORL 05oct)
N945ER Ce550 (ORL 07oct)
N950BA Ce560XL (ORL 05oct)
N950N Gulf. 150 (ORL 07oct)
N95CC Ce560XL (MCO 05oct)
N967TC Ce525A (MCO 06oct)
N974JD Hawker 4000 (ORL 05oct)
N975DM LJ40 (ORL 05oct)
N980SK CL605 (ORL 05oct)
N985BB Gulf. 2TT (MCO 05oct)
N988AA LJ25D (ISM 07oct)
N988T Fa900 (ORL 07oct)
N98FT Hs125 (ORL 06oct)
N98HG IAI 1124 (ORL 07oct)
N990GC LJ31 (MCO 07oct)
N990PA Sabre 65 (MCO 06oct)
N994CF Ce550 (MCO 07oct)
N996CM Ce510 (MCO 05oct)
N998EA Ce501 (ORL 05oct)
N999JS LJ35A (ORL 05oct)
N99BB Ce750 (MCO 05oct)
PP-CTA LJ31A (MCO 07oct)
PP-XOG Phenom 100 (MCO 05oct)
PP-XVJ Phenom 300 (MCO 05oct)
PR-DIB LJ40 (MCO 05oct)
PR-SCE Be400 (ORL 07oct)
VP-CAV Ce680 (MCO 06oct)
VP-CHK B732 (MCO 06oct)
VP-CIP Gulf. 550 (MCO 06oct)
XA-ALA LJ45 (MCO 05oct)
XA-GIE Hs125 (MCO 06oct)
XA-GTP LJ45 (MCO 06oct)
XA-JCT Hs125 (MCO 07oct)
XA-TRE Ce650 (ORL 05oct)
XA-VFV LJ40 (MCO 05oct)
YV1022 Ce560 (MCO 06oct)
YV198T Be400 (ORL 07oct)
YV2389 Ce560 (ORL 05oct)

Rene Biesenbeek and Jeroen Noordhout
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