Snohomish County Airport (Paine Field), Everett (KPAE) (2021)

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Snohomish County Airport (Paine Field), Everett (KPAE) (2021)

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Noted the following at the Boeing Factory at Snohomish County Airport (Paine Field), Sep 16, 2021.

B747-8 Boeing delivery CTR
SU-EGY for Egyptian Government

KC-46A Boeing delivery CTR
19-46062 as N2011A
19-46063 as N2011E (ln 1230)
19-46064 as N20129 (ln 1234)
19-46065 as N20140 (ln 1236)

KC-46A Boeing West
11-46001 as N461FT
11-46003 as N463FT no mil tail number
15-46005 as N842BA

KC-46A Boeing South
14-3612 (JASDF)
15-46006 (ln 1092) no tail number
15-46008 (ln 1100) in primer
19-46071 (ln 1252) in primer

KC-46A Boeing Paint

KC-46A Boeing Factory
20-46072 (ln 1254) in primer
20-46073 (ln 1257?) in primer

All KC-46A's that were in primer were identified by the Line Numbers.

If you have been there before the following may make sense:
Boeing Factory: Is the north end ramp at the factory exit.
Boeing Paint: Is the north end ramp across from the factory exit.
Boeing Delivery CTR: Is the CTR ramp with the bulk of the airliners awaiting delivery.
Boeing South: Is the southern ramp at 109th Street SW. I believe this used to be BF Goodridge.
Boeing West: Is the western ramp Boeing is using close to the Historic Flight Hangar. Looking at the airfield map this might have been a cross rwy at some point in the past.


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