Sunshades @ Yuma airshow 9 March 2019

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Sunshades @ Yuma airshow 9 March 2019

Post by orange »

The sunshades near the carparking at the Yuma airshow contained quite a few Harriers and a single F-35B. The following were read from photo, additions/corrections gratefully received:

F-35B 168726/DC-02 VMFA-122
AV-8B 165419/WE-, 165569/(WE-) VMA-214
AV-8B 164148, 164566, 165002/WL-07, 165311/WL-, 165398 VMA-311
Jeroen Jonkers
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Re: Sunshades @ Yuma airshow 9 March 2019

Post by Jeroen Jonkers »

VMA-311 (12)
1 uncoded
164553/ (database WL-00)
165573/ (database WL-02)
/WL-23 (database 164148!)

VMA-214 blue covers (4)
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Re: Sunshades @ Yuma airshow 9 March 2019

Post by Ergo01 »

working on my slides I note unmarked 165382 unmarked
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Re: Sunshades @ Yuma airshow 9 March 2019

Post by roger4 »

And to add from my son's and a friend's photos:

VMA-311 (red engine covers):
Can confirm that 164553 was indeed coded WL-00
Add 165002/WL-07 and another coded WL-04.

VMA-214 (blue engine covers):
Confirm that WE-12 is 165566
Add 165577/WE-10

It looks like we are getting close to identifying all of the ones under the sunshades. Many thanks for the contributions to the thread guys.

For the record, 165001/WE-01 was in the static, 165429/WE-06 and 165006/WE-09 both flew and 165417/uncoded (but with VMA-214 tail markings) was the spare on the flightline.
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