LOG: Alabama UH-1's

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LOG: Alabama UH-1's

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Noted on a quick trip around Southern Alabama.

If any one can fill in the gaps that would be appreciated and apologies in advance if the formatting goes awry.

Noted 17th October
Enterprise - Arista Helicopters - S. Industrial Blvd
All stored in the 'boneyard', I got very lucky with a tour round here catching the manager on her lunch break.

Front Row Right to Left
UH-1 u/m grey tarped
UH-1 yellow + blue tarped Satloc
UH-1 grey silver shell
UH-1N 158259 QT 425
UH-1H S/N 4486 AAB 12606
UH-1 yellow + blue (same c/s as one above)
UH-1H 69-15915 AHXA-0632
UH-1 63-8837 also mkd 4571
UH-1N USAF C/S no nose
UH-1H 67-17240
UH-1H 66-16561
UH-1H unmarked except for 457 red door
UH-1H 72-21822
UH-1H 65-9615 ARNG
UH-1H 64-13852
UH-1H 64-13759

Back row Left to right from front

UH-1H 65-9744 white scheme
UH-1H 66-1018
UH-1H 66-16960
UH-1H 62-12357
UH-1H 67-17454
UH-1 silver u/m shell 'no plate'
UH-1H 66-1096
UH-1H 68-15451

1 recently departed to Kansas.

Newton - noted stored in a field behind a garage on county road 9. Please ask at the garage/ mechanics before looking.

Bell 47 In trees
Bell 47 In trees
Bell 47 In trees
Bell 47 In trees

Front row from right to left.
UH-1 70-16343
UH-1 72-21643
UH-1 Shell
UH-1 Shell
UH-1 Unmarked
UH-1 73-22099
UH-1 66-16819/ PNC0167
UH-1 70-16239
UH-1 Unmarked
UH-1A 59-1694
UH-1H EBREH-1525 Mexican AF
UH-1 Peruvian Police
UH-1 63-12975
UH-1 EBREH-1522
UH-1 Unmarked
UH-1 Bl/wt c/s Max Load 4000lbs
UH-1 65-12852
UH-1 Maroon c/s
UH-1 64-13868
UH-1 DOS Silver c/s
UH-1 10?
UH-1 69-15683 AHXA-0658
UH-1 62-2023 From nose, orange doors
UH-1 Unmarked USAR

Back row
UH-1 Maroon/ wt c/s
UH-1 69-15337
UH-1 69-15216
UH-1 74-22316
UH-1 69-15053
UH-1 65-9667
UH-1 65-09734
UH-1 64-13849
UH-1 68-16322
UH-1 72-21473
UH-1 69-15766
UH-1 72-21626
UH-1 70-16450
UH-1 70-16388
UH-1 71-20272
UH-1 69-15867
UH-1 70-16448
UH-1 69-15814
UH-1 70-15764
UH-1 71-20306
UH-1 69-15952
UH-1 69-15859

Lots of ex Ozark machines with some other nice ones here as well.

Hope this is interesting
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