NAS North Island + Point Mugu

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Re: NAS North Island + Point Mugu

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raaver wrote:At North Island rwy36 is totally off limits (by boat or whatever). While in Phoenix, check Williams Gateway airport. Very often visits in weekends.


We are going to plan a visit at around 1500lcl on a Sunday; so if there will be weekend visitor, they should be
active on Sunday (i have learned from various sources).

Currently our trip may look like this:

El Centro - DM + Pima - Phoenix - Luke - Tucson + DM - Yuma + El Centro - Nellis - Father Crowley and back
home. Unfortunately we only will have 7 days in the US; but better than notting :-)

Any "help", update and/ or advise how/ where to check for any movements is highly appreciated.
Cheers Marcel /
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Re: NAS North Island + Point Mugu

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There is a Nellis Spotters page on Facebook, plus keep an eye on this:
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