EGUN 19.06.2021

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Le Addeur noir
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EGUN 19.06.2021

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MHZ Saturday 19th June visitors,

05-5151 HH or/y C-17A 535th AS HI ANG RCH797 arr 14:21 from KMRX
07-7172 C-17A 21st AS 60th AMW RCH645 arr 13:21 from LSGG
Drink treble
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and the Emir called up his jet fighters
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Re: EGUN 19.06.2021

Post by Marijn »


Thank you for all of your movements, but PLEASE add that these are ADSB-movements !!!!!
(for example only ad "(adsb)" would be sufficient I think)

In this case both the serial number and unit are NOT right :wink:

It was 05-5141 confirmed as such at Mildenhall.
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Re: EGUN 19.06.2021

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