EGUL 12.07.2016

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EGUL 12.07.2016

Post by attila.szabo »

After departure day RAF Fairford we visited RAF Lakenheath for some more USAF action, well... some Eagles were flying :wink:

84-0001/LN F-15C 48FW/493FS
84-0027/LN F-15C 48FW/493FS "493FS"
84-0046/LN F-15D 48FW/493FS
86-0154/LN F-15C 48FW/493FS
86-0156/LN F-15C 48FW/493FS
86-0159/LN F-15C 48FW/493FS
86-0160/LN F-15C 48FW/493FS
86-0166/LN F-15C 48FW/493FS
86-0171/LN F-15C 48FW/493FS
86-0174/LN F-15C 48FW/493FS
91-0301/LN F-15E 48FW/492FS
91-0303/LN F-15E 48FW/492FS
91-0307/LN F-15E 48FW/492FS
91-0311/LN F-15E 48FW/494FS/mlt "48FW"
91-0314/LN F-15E 48FW/494FS
91-0316/LN F-15E 48FW/492FS
91-0318/LN F-15E 48FW/494FS/mlt "48OG"
91-0326/LN F-15E 48FW/494FS
91-0327/LN F-15E 48FW/492FS
96-0201/LN F-15E 48FW/494FS
96-0204/LN F-15E 48FW/494FS
97-0219/LN F-15E 48FW/492FS
97-0220/LN F-15E 48FW/492FS
97-0222/LN F-15E 48FW/492FS
98-0133/LN F-15E 48FW/492FS
98-0135/LN F-15E 48FW/492FS
00-3000/LN F-15E 48FW/494FS
00-3001/LN F-15E 48FW/494FS
00-3002/LN F-15E 48FW/494FS
00-3003/LN F-15E 48FW/494FS
492FS : blue color fintip
493FS : black color fintip
494FS : red color fintip
mlt : blue/red/yellow/green color fintip
grtz. Attila the Hun.

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