PIC: Alaskan DC-6 heavy damage,

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PIC: Alaskan DC-6 heavy damage,

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[mod edit: "pilot forgot undercarriage.." removed from topic title]


http://www.alaskapublic.org/2011/06/13/ ... -cold-bay/

http://www.ktuu.com/news/ktuu-plane-lan ... 9443.story
Pilot Failure Results in Crash Landing in Cold Bay

By Tim Akimoff and Lori Tipton

4:49 p.m. AKDT, June 13, 2011


A Universal Airlines DC-6 crash landed in Cold Bay Sunday night after the pilot of the aircraft failed to put down landing gear.

Accoding to the NTSB, the plane was inbound from Togiak and loaded with fish and cargo.
http://www.oregonlive.com/newsflash/ind ... e66b6ee5d3
COLD BAY, Alaska (AP) — Federal aviation officials say a Universal Airlines plane has crashed landed in Cold Bay without landing gear extended.

Federal Aviation Administration spokesman Allen Kenitzer says none of the four people on board the DC-6 was injured in the mishap Sunday afternoon, but the plane sustained substantial damage.

Kenitzer says fuel spilled on the runway was cleaned up. He says the runway was closed for several hours until the plane was moved.

KTUU-TV says the DC-6 was in Cold Bay to pick up fresh salmon from Peter Pan Seafoods.
http://www.faa.gov/data_research/accide ... 0613_N.txt
** Report created 6/14/2011 Record 4 **
Regis#: 600UA Make/Model: DC6 Description: DC-6 (C-118, VC-118, R6D Liftmaster)
Date: 06/12/2011 Time: 2255

Event Type: Accident Highest Injury: None Mid Air: N Missing: N
Damage: Substantial

City: COLD BAY State: AK Country: US


INJURY DATA Total Fatal: 0
# Crew: 2 Fat: 0 Ser: 0 Min: 0 Unk:
# Pass: 0 Fat: 0 Ser: 0 Min: 0 Unk:
# Grnd: Fat: 0 Ser: 0 Min: 0 Unk:

WEATHER: 122253Z 28020KT 10SM BKN009 OVC013 06/05 A2976

Activity: Other Phase: Landing Operation: OTHER

FAA FSDO: ANCHORAGE, AK (AL03) Entry date: 06/13/2011
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Re: PIC: Alaskan DC-6 heavy damage, pilot forgot undercarriage..

Post by Herbertvh »

Eh, read the story please. The undercarriage was not forgotten at all, but there were mechanical problems with it. For that reason, the aircraft was puposedly landed with the gear in! And you can actually tell from the pictures that this happened, as the propellers on the right side are not bent, meaning they had stopped turning before the plane made its gear-in landing. Now when you forget the landing gear, you don't stop the engines, so this was on purpose indeed . . .

"Failed" in English doesn't mean that it was forgotten, just that it was found not be as expected.
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