Indian HPT-32 pole sitters

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Indian HPT-32 pole sitters

Post by ehusmann »

India has always been a country where new Wrecks and Relics can be found in batches. However, lately that has been the case even more. About a decade ago the Indian Air Force removed the HPT-32 primary trainer from its inventory. The plane had the tendency to shut down mid-flight, which apparently wasn't quite something to get enthousiastic about. Most of the then remaining planes were stored at Dundigal. For several years around 80 could be seen stored around the southern hangars (here). However, since 2017 all of sudden the numbers reduced dramatically and now only 9 or 10 can still be seen. Most of the others have sinced turned up around the country at schools, colleges, science centers, parks and whoever seems to want one.

With some very specific searches in Google and Yahoo I was able to trace about 40 of them, many of which could even be identified through pictures. Some on the list below were not part of those 80 stored at Dundigal (like the i/a frames at Dundigal itself), but most probably were. The other 20 to 30 will probably pop up somewhere as well in the near future. I am quite certain this list is not complete.

29 identified ones (+1 partly):
X..43 - Chandigarh
X2517 - Jalahalli
X2520 - Kanpur
X2524 - Sangamner
X2534 - Bikaner
X2535 - Kalaburagi
X2536 - Haldwani
X2542 - Bangalore
X2552 - Kolkata - Science City
X2563 - Tirupati
X2574 - Dundigal
X2578 - Coimbatore - Police Museum
X2581 - Thanjavur
X3147 - Kazhakkoottam - Sainik School
X3214 - Lucknow
X3223 - Bhopal
X3226 - Karad
X3229 - Avadi
X3236 - Palam – Indian Air Force Museum
X3237 - Trivandrum
X3240 - Bangalore – HAL Heritage Center
X3241 - Nagpur - Raman Science Centre and Planetarium
X3242 - Bhubaneswar
X3246 - Dundigal, India
X3250 - Chandrapur - Sainik School
X3251 - Pune
X3254 - Dundigal, India
X3262 - Siliguri - North Bengal Science Center
X3264 - Nagpur
X3267 - Dundigal, India

10 serial still unknown
Kakinada - Aircraft Museum - should also receive a Tu-142 this year
Mudesa - Sainik School
Nalanda - Sainik School

5 possible HPT-32s (but not clearly recognizable from GE images and no known pictures):

And a next HPT-32 will be installed in Bangalore, at the Air Force School Hebbal. A tender was issued in August 2020 to create a platform for the plane.

Obviously I would love to hear about more, so please say so if you know of any others. Identified or not, even already located or not. And I do have pictures of most of the above, but I do not wish to post them as I do not have the copyrights. I only keep them for reference, contact me if you wish to see proof of any of the above.

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