Donauwoerth / Airbus (EDPR) 2020 (CIV+MIL)

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Re: Donauwoerth / Airbus (EDPR) 2020 (CIV+MIL)

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spottervito wrote: 15 Dec 2020, 19:37 LOG Donauwoerth 15/12/2020
78+40 NH.90TTH Heer/THR30 intermediate stop en a flight from Oberpfaffenhofen to Niederstetten as "Sonic 04". Picked up the crew of 79+16
79+11 NH.90TTH Heer, pulled outside of F8
79+16 NH.90TTH Heer/THR30 arrived as "Sonic 30" from Niederstetten, put into F8 later
79+41 NH.90TTH Heer (TGEE41). this brand new frame was towed still incomplete from production area into F8
84+45 CH-53GA Lw/HSG64 towed around
84+52 CH-53GS Lw/HSG64 local flight as "Redfox 11"
84+66 CH-53GS Lw/HSG64 inside E7
84+99 CH-53GA Lw/HSG64
[98+51] NH.90NFH Marine, shortly towed outside of F8
[D-HADH] BK.117D2m Hungarian AF, towed into D10. (will become 20, c/n 20348)
[D-HADJ] BK.117D3 primer (c/n 21004), noted inside hangar
[D-HADM] BK.117D2m Heer outside, no c/n known
[D-HADT] BK.117D2m FA Ecuatoriana. towed outside of delivery hangar C9. departed with ecudorian crew for a IFR trip to Memmingen and Augsburg as "Redfox 32"
[D-HADU] BK.117D2m Hungarian AF inside delivery hangar C9, fulla marked as "19", c/n 20345, also confirmed on box)
[D-HBTJ] BK.117D2m Heer, towed outside of F8 (c/n 20342)
[D-HBTS] BK.117D2m FA Ecuatoriana inside hangar C7 (c/n 20347)
[D-HCBF] EC.135.3H primer engine test (c/n 2114)
[D-HCBK] EC.135.3H anthrazite/metallic olive c/s. Inside delivery hangar C9. I still do not know who will get this one, c/n also unknown until now.
[D-HCBV] BK.117D3 a/wh outside. Unfortunately no c/n or operator known
[D-HCB.] BK.117D2 bl c/s noted in the back of F8. From colours it is most probably D-HCBZ which was noted in September.
[D-HECC] EC.135T3H R Thai AF outside for engine test, later back into C7 (c/n 2126)
[D-HMBB] BK.117D3 a/y outside, later towed away. From colours it could be for "Svensk Luftambulans" for which SE-JSL is reserved.
[D-HMBF] BK.117D3 a/wh outside on te ramp. Also of this white D3 version the c/n or operator is not known by now
D-HTSC EC.135T2+ Airbus engine test (c/n 0832)

That was my last visit here for 2020. Time to wish everybody some peaceful christmas days and a good start for 2021. Let´s hope that the new year will be a better one - from my aviation point of view I never had a year where I collected fewer new frames than in 2020 since I started spotting back in 1981...
A very big thank you to you for all your logs!!!!
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