EHEH 04-04-2019 MIL

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Re: EHEH 04-04-2019 MIL

Post by Stefanb »

NATO 03 C17 just in.
Have fun!
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Re: EHEH 04-04-2019 MIL

Post by Pauljos2001 »

EHEH/GLV-V AREA (within 5km radius) volgens DeWoertVRS/scannernet/ads-b/mode-s/ MIL-log:
Icao Registration Altitude Callsign Speed Aircraft_Model_Icao Aircraft_Model Manufacturer Operator Operator_Icao_Code Squawk

43C6F3 ZZ330 1250 RVN50A 161 A332 Airbus Voyager KC2 Airbus Royal Air Force ZZ330 2112 United Kingdom 09:04Lt/11:43Lt/13:10Lt/15:19Lt
3B777D 474 1200 MARC44 C135 Boeing C-135FR Boeing French Air Force FAF 2444 France 09:07Lt/12:09Lt
480C05 G-781 BULL11 1325 227.4 C130 Lockheed C-130H Hercules Lockheed Royal Netherlands Air Force RNAFC-130 3601 09:25Lt/10:06Lt /11:14Lt/17:14Lt als BULL21/19:26Lt als BULL31/20:03Lt/20:35Lt/21:35Lt
480C02 T-264 1275 TEXACO41 197.7 DC10 Douglas DC-10 KDC-10 Douglas Royal Netherlands Air Force RNAFKDC-10 0706 11:12Lt/15:04Lt
3F8519 10+25 1350 COBO43 160 A310 A310-304MRTT Airbus German Air Force GAF_A310G 0715 -768 Germany 11:48Lt/15:28Lt
48083E D-102 1600 CORONA2 122 H47 Boeing-Vertol CH-47D Chinook Royal Netherlands Air Force RNAFCH-47 3601 13:41Lt/22:06Lt als VIKING5
477FF3 03 1250 BRK49 132.1 C17 Boeing C-17A Globemaster III NATO NATOC17 5302 -640 NATO 18:30Lt/19:43Lt
480808 S-444 1350 WOLFH67 115.4 AS3B Aerospatiale AS532U2 Cougar 2 Royal Netherlands Air Force RNAFA532 3601 21:42Lt
regards, P.
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